A lie dressed up is still a lie

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I HAVE heard Perry Gladstone Christie on several occasions, especially recently, say that the PLP created 22,000 jobs between 2002-2007. I am stunned to see that he did not gather enough courage to come back to the Bahamian people to apologise.

I did my own research and even spoke with some key PLP who asked if I am foolish enough to listen to Christie. But I have to listen because he is telling this to people who don't read, listen to the radio or watch the television.

Mr. Christie is banking on the fact that his base is ill-informed and could care less if what he is saying is true or not. I know this because some are repeating this propaganda without even checking.

If you tell a lie ten thousand times, it is still a lie, and if a million people believe it, it's still a lie. But what could cause a man to wilfully and intentionally say something that they know they cannot substantiate. So I am going to give Mr Christie the benefit of the doubt.

I therefore dare Mr Christie to go on National Television and itemise where these jobs are. I double dare Mr Christie to save face and remove the doubt of being called a liar or in this case a compulsive liar. When or if this is substantiated, I will move hastily and apologise for underestimating or miscalculating this so-called myth.

Please, Mr Christie, this is the last chance to regain what little respect people have for you as a leader. Please do not let the work of the FNM over the last four years plus, which is nothing short of a miracle, cause you to "trip out".

The whole Bahamas is waiting with baited breath to see the list, just the facts, nothing but the facts will do.



February 12, 2012


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