Roberts Hits Out At Minnis Over 'Senseless Rambling'


Bradley Roberts

PLP CHAIRMAN Bradley Roberts criticised Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday, accusing him of "senseless rambling" after the FNM leader claimed the government is unable to keep Bahamians safe.

Mr Roberts claimed Dr Minnis has "nothing constructive to say" about national issues and recommended he "keep quiet".

Last week, Dr Minnis took the government to task over the fact that a fourth prisoner has escaped from Princess Margaret Hospital on the PLP's watch.

Demanding a full investigation into the escapes, Dr Minnis said: "The PLP government said they were ready on day one to protect Bahamians and to address the crime crisis in our communities, but it is clear to all that the only thing the PLP is concerned about is protecting themselves.

"The FNM calls for the immediate resignation of (National Security) Ministers BJ Nottage and Keith Bell, who have shown that they are clueless in performing a basic duty of the state. It is absolutely essential that all criminals are properly guarded and secured at all times."

In response, Mr Robert said Dr Minnis should explain why he did not call for the resignation of his Cabinet colleague, former National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest, when murders doubled on the FNM's watch.

He said: "Almost 500 lives were lost during the FNM's last term in office and well over 300 were out on bail. Further, violence in our schools escalated to riots and students were killed after the school-based policing programme was cancelled from the public schools; all of this carnage and not a peep from Dr Minnis.

"Dr Minnis' memory is quite short as he has clearly forgotten that it was also under the watch of the FNM when an attending nurse was gunned down at the Princess Margaret Hospital during a retaliatory shooting of a prisoner in police custody.

"This heinous act of violence was in addition to numerous escapes by prisoners while in police custody. There was no hue, no cry, no outrage and certainly no call for accountability and resignations from Dr Hubert Minnis. His silence was deafening."

Mr Roberts called on the opposition leader to stop delivering "pious lectures" and shedding "crocodilian tears".

He said: "Nobody is fooled by your poorly contrived smoke screen designed to hide your deliberate political posturing and bluster."


shortpants 8 years, 9 months ago

"Dr Minnis' is correct about what he is saying you'll PLP called for Tommy Turnquest head now that the shoes is on the other foot what does it seems tighter .You'll promise the Bahamian people that the PLP government would be ready on day one to protect Bahamians and to address the crime crisis in our communities, but it is clear to all that the only thing the PLP is concerned about is protecting themselves. Dr Minnis has a lot to say about national issues and why would you think he should be quiet.So you'll could continue to try and fool the not so grass roots.That's how you'll got their grass roots falling for the bull."Dr Minnis please for the love of Bahamians keep on them.They knew from day one they could not deliver, what was suppose to change from the opposite side if they knew what state our country was in. Lied to the Bahamian grass roots from day one .Now they still hungry sleeping in cars no jobs .Bahamian grass roots you'll done it again FIVE YEARS of pain, misery and suffering.


Arob 8 years, 9 months ago

Bahamians, we do not have to endure five years with any party. If a party does not perform at the standard we expect, we can demand change. By change I am not talking about shuffling people around. We, the people who elected them, can insist on an earlier election. (Insist: protests--physical demnstration, oral or written opinions. Thiese displays were endorsed by the PLP when the FNM was in power.) "what is good for the goose, is also good fo the gander".


TalRussell 8 years, 9 months ago

Comrade Brad the new Hubert A understands the lessons from Decision Day 2012, when the original Hubert A; made his fatal reshuffling of the boundaries move, so he's attempting to do a sideways shuffle to regain power for his red shirts.

Leave him to be for in short order the original Hubert A, will be back at the red shirts political "front door," although he remains hidden behind the backdoor up in Cooper's Town.

Although Comrades I an't say it true but some are claiming to have spotted Comrade "Original" Hubert, between his fishing excursions, actually taking flying lessons over the skies up in Cooper's Town, rumored to be in the cockpit of the Billionaire's Helicopter he and his fellow Comrade Earl become so comfortable flying around for free in?



BahamasPride 8 years, 9 months ago

Don't think they will last five years,..


Concerned 8 years, 9 months ago

Hot coal sure does burn. OUCH!! Keep the fire under the PLP Government, Dr. Minnis.


B_I_D___ 8 years, 9 months ago

Roberts crying out over 'senseless rambling'...now THAT'S FUNNY!!


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