Gambling Debate Held Tonight

A NATIONAL debate on gambling is expected to be held tonight at the New Covenant Baptist Church, Bishop Simeon Hall said yesterday.

Panelists for the event include Pastor Cedric Moss, chairman of the Gaming Board and MP Dr Andre Rollins, and attorney Wallace Rolle.

According to Bishop Hall, both government and “web shop” owners have a responsibility to educate the Bahamian people about gambling.

“Gambling in the Bahamas is as common as conch fritters. There are some Bahamians who will continue to gamble regardless of what the outcome of the proposed referendum would be. The government is in the tenable position to regularise this multi-million dollar enterprise,” Bishop Hall said.

He also said almost every person who gambles is already marginalised, and has “chronic financial and social problems”.

Bishop Hall added: “Yet I believe government is correct in seeking to regularise this industry, and all that is involved in this trade should be exposed,” he said.

The debate is expected to begin at 7.30pm.


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