Three Accused Over Jewel Fraud


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THREE Colombians accused of conspiring to defraud two high-end jewellery stores of more than $47,000 worth of goods return to Magistrates Court today. 

Yesterday, Jose Ceravantes, 58; Alberto Ortiz, 37; and Javier Sanchez, 22; were brought before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez to faces charges of fraud.

However, an interpreter who could adequately translate the charges for the Spanish-speaking defendants could not be found, so the arraignment was postponed.

The three men, from Bogota, Colombia, face two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false pretences, alleged to have been committed on July 24 and 25 respectively.

Ceravantes alone was to be charged with two counts each of possession of a forged document, uttering a forged document and fraud by false pretences.

These offences reportedly took place on July 24 and 25.

It is claimed the 58-year-old, using two Visa credit cards, a MasterCard, an American Express card and a New York State driver’s licence, all not genuine, obtained $18,000 worth of goods from Quantum Duty Free on Bay Street on July 25 under false pretences.

It is further claimed the Colombian did the same on July 24, and again on July 25, to obtain $29,785 worth of goods from two John Bull Limited stores - the Bay Street and Crystal Court, Atlantis locations.

Alberto Ortiz is accused of abeting Ceravantes in these alleged crimes.

An interpreter was brought to court yesterday afternoon to translate.

However, after beginning to administer the oath, the court marshall halted the swearing in.

The officer told Chief Magistrate Gomez that the interpreter barely understood English, based on his ability to recite the oath in English.

The chief magistrate agreed and stood the matter down to allow the Immigration prosecutor to find a better interpreter.

The Colombians have retained Jiaram Mangra as their attorney.


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