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Angela Palacious

By Rev. Angela C. Bosfield Palacious

WHEN I wrote this meditation it was several days before elections. At that point in time none of us knew just what the outcome would be. These were the sentiments concerning our nation that I expressed, then, and which I still think are worth considering as we approach our Independence celebrations next month:

  1. A people united under the government of the day to work together for the next five years

  2. An example of mature adult behavior everywhere for our children and youth to emulate

  3. A peaceful country for our millions of tourists to feel comfortable visiting

  4. Uninterrupted progress made on existing projects which are for the betterment of the country

  5. Paying of our duties and taxes to generate necessary funds.

  6. Stabilization of family life.

  7. Reduction in crime and more honesty all around.

  8. Children eager to learn, enabling teachers to be even more inspired to teach

  9. Reduction in litter and properly disposed garbage

  10. Beautification of all properties even abandoned buildings

  11. Completed road works reducing congestion and the purchasing of fewer vehicles

  12. Spiritual discipline that leads to greater levels of godliness.

Let us thank God for our many freedoms:

  1. Freedom to vote in a democratic society.

  2. Freedom to worship without fear and restriction

  3. Freedom of speech (that needs to be used respectfully)

  4. Freedom of movement to travel and study abroad

  5. Freedom of assembly in groups of varying sizes

  6. Freedom of protection for ourselves and our property

We have the right to education, medical attention, property ownership and so much more. Let us be grateful for the many blessings that we do enjoy even as we work together to improve the lives of our people.

May God continue to bless us and may we become a holy and godly country, moving forward, onward, and upward, as our national road leads toward our almighty God.


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