Woman Quizzed Over Attack

POLICE are questioning a 22-year-old woman of West Avenue, Carmichael Road in connection with the stabbing of a 25-year-old Nassau Village man.

Police say around 2pm on Monday the victim got into an argument with a woman he knew. During the argument he was subsequently stabbed.

He was taken to hospital where he is detained in stable condition.

Active police investigations continue.

In other crime news, police removed two firearms from the streets of New Providence in two separate incidents.

The first incident took place around 12.30pm on Monday at an establishment at Bahama Avenue and East Street.

Officers of the Mobile Division acting, on information, went to the establishment and arrested a 28-year-old Baillou Hill Road man when he was found in possession of a handgun and ammunition.

In the second incident, officers of the Northeastern Division arrested a 26-year-old Millers Court man off Carmichael Road after executing a search warrant on his residence and discovering a handgun with a quantity of ammunition.

Active police investigations continue in both incidents.


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