Long Island In Mourning

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IT IS very disheartening to see the staunch Free National Movement (FNM) supporters of Long Island with their heads down and tails between their legs as though they are in mourning.

In fact, Mrs Loretta Butler-Turner won her seat in Long Island with almost half the votes - so where is the love?

At the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) headquarters in Deadman's Cay Monday evening following the results, supporters celebrated at a grill and chill with their candidate Mr Mario Cartwright, and congratulated him on his efforts.

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidate Mr Alex Storr celebrated late into the evening with the PLP's victory at his headquarters in Lower Deadman's Cay Monday evening as well, and continued with a motorcade yesterday evening despite his loss on Long Island. And where was Mrs Butler-Turner throughout these festivities? Who knows, as she and her entourage dispersed upon seeing the favourable results for the PLP early Monday evening and haven't been seen since.

In fact, Long Island is celebrating the victory of middle school student Paloma Cartwright today on her win of the National Spelling Bee, the first government school student to win this award, yet Mrs Butler Turner left Long Island early this morning, choosing to exclude herself from this accolade..... Is this because Paloma's family supported the DNA?

So why the long faces, Long Island? We have so much to celebrate and yet the red flags are down, along with the mouths. They are blaming the DNA for the FNM loss in the Bahamas and yet prior to the election, bragged that if a donkey was on the ballot for Long Island, they would still put their X to the torch. Long Island, you elected Loretta, so please put a little faith in your candidate, stop acting like you elected a donkey and give her the opportunity to prove her campaign. We are pleased to anticipate the new airport, the new mini hospital, the cruise ship arrivals at Gordon's, and water in Salt Pond amongst other campaign promises.

We are one Bahamas. No matter who won the race, the government is still the government of the Bahamas and is obligated to attend to all the needs of all Bahamians.



Long Island,

May 9, 2012.


concernedcitizen 5 years, 11 months ago



really 5 years, 11 months ago

yall long islanders really let fnm sell yall that dream.....i blame the person who believe it bout mini hospital lol south long island even have cable yet? if they didnt even make headway the 5 years they was just in power why would yal think they gonna do it now


concernedcitizen 5 years, 11 months ago

mini hospital being built now in exuma ,with a capable contractor ...please new PM and DPM leave the contract alone and let the contractor deliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


longislander 5 years, 11 months ago

Long Islanders never have their tails between their legs. The PLP won the election so why is there so much attention on Long Island. We know who our MP is and proud of her. We know that she will be there for us. She won her seat. If the Prime Minister is a fair person then he will ensure that Long Islanders are treated fairly and not discriminated against just because they did not elect a PLP MP. We are still all Bahamians with the freedom to vote for whomever we wish in hopes that the elect party will support us no matter what. We are still part of the Bahamas or are we outsiders now? We will always stand heads up and proud for our choice. There are many Long Islanders who are PLPs don't you think they deserve to get some of the good stuff the new Prime Minister will be giving to his supporters. We have managed without the airport and can continue to manage if they choose not to go through with the plans for the new airport. We managed without the water and can probably still manage without it. If they are such a petty crew then so be it, we will just have to suffer. Long Islanders contribute to the government just like all the other islands do - we pay business license fees, custom duties, stamp tax, car registration fees, building permit fees, hotel tax, national insurance, so forth and so on. Why should we be penalized? Come on, everyone has a right to vote for their choice. Even if they had voted PLP it wouldn't make any difference. We will always be treated as the underdog and kept down by the Bahamas Government......why, I don't know.


kinggrouper 5 years, 11 months ago

Where does the media get all of this erroneous information about Long Island? If you lived here and looked around with open eyes, you would see that Long Islanders that are FNM are still driving around with their red flags and red stickers on their cars and wearing their red shirts and red hats. I know myself and my family are proud of being FNM supporters and at the end of the day we still WON our FNM seat here in Long Island. We did what we set out to do for the FNM and Loretta and we do NOT feel ashamed. We hold ourselves proud. We held ourselves proud this morning as we delivered roses in commemoration of Mother's Day to every mother here in Long Island whether PLP, DNA or FNM on behalf of our Member of Parliament "Ms. Loretta Butler-Turner".


meshaliqueknowles 5 years, 11 months ago

Yea they maybe delivered roses in commemoration of Mother's Day to all the mother's by bringing in all of the flowers from Nassau when they have a florist right here on the island that has a certificate in floral arrangements and yet still had to turn around looking for items that they forgot and left out. If Loretta Butler-Turner cared so much about Long Island she would have patronized this business seeing as times have bin so rough, and supported it.


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