Big Game Approves$18k Floating Dock


Tribune Business Reporter


THE BIMINI Big Game resort has approved the construction of an $18,000 floating dock which, according to general manager Michael Weber, will allow guests the "unique" opportunity of being able to fly in and out of the resort.

Mr Weber told Tribune Business: "People will be able to fly in and out of the Big Game Club, which is kind of unique. Not many places can say that they have that.

"Once the floating dock is up, Tropic Ocean Airways is going to be flying in and out. We are working now on certain scheduled flights. I think right now we are looking at Fridays and Sundays as scheduled trips from Fort Lauderdale. and we may be adding some more."

Tropic Ocean Airways, a Key West-based seaplane outfit headed by US Navy fighter pilot, Rob Ceravolo, recently re-instituted regular scheduled service to Bimini on Fridays and Sundays. It is currently the only US-based seaplane airline authorised by the Bahamian government to service the North Bimini Seaplane Base formerly operated by the now-defunct Chalks International Airline.

Tropic Ocean Airways currently uses a five-passenger Cessna 206 Amphibian, and is planning to add a nine-passenger Cessna Caravan Amphibian in the future as business growth dictates.

According to Mr Weber, the floating dock will be constructed at the south end of the 51-room resort and marina property.

"The response from the folks we have been talking to about it has been great. We are shooting for mid-June to have it completed. It's going to be great because you don't have to show up at the airport hours ahead of time and wait in line. It's kind of a unique thing we are going to have here," he said.


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