Talks On Bus System Reform


Glenys Hanna-Martin


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE government will renew talks to implement a unified public bus system to reduce traffic congestion in New Providence.

Minister of Transport and Aviation Glenys Hanna-Martin yesterday said she plans to revisit proposals to this effect, shelved by the previous administration.

"We're putting our heads together to see how we can more effectively move traffic along at peak hours to avoid the vexing situation that is developing more and more everyday," Mrs Hanna-Martin said.

"A lot of work has already been done - various consultants have been brought in, studies done and the business plan has been completed."

"The issue of moving people more safely and more effectively with the avoidance of congestion is a priority for us," Mrs Hanna-Martin said.

"We've already met to discuss how we can begin to take up that issue again more effectively and seek implementation of some form of public transport system that is unified in its structure and out of that can come a more controlled prosperous environment for public transport."

Mrs Hanna-Martin said the infrastructure upgrades and changes to traffic flow created by the ongoing roadworks project will add convenience, but will not significantly impact congestion during peak hours.

"The plan was done several years ago and I have to see where it's now been placed. I didn't see anything in the last five years to show that it was being taken up.

"The way forward will have to involve more dialogue with stakeholders, which are first and foremost those who own the buses, and of course the public at large who will be utilising the system," she said.


MartGM 8 years, 4 months ago

Thank God!!! This is so needed in the Bahamas. We need a unified bus system. If not nationalize it, then completely privatize the bus system. We don't need any competition in public transport. There are so many countries in the world with effective public transport...goodness, do some research!


Arob 8 years, 4 months ago

It appears that the days of awarding friends and supporters with 'bus plates' Yeh! Each government has promised to modernize this tribal system of transportation. The studies (research) were done. The government needs to act.


positiveinput 8 years, 4 months ago

The bus system would be an easy fix. For many years bus operators have had the opportunity to work at their own accord but finally its time to set guidelines and order to their functioning. Firstly, make visible all bus stops outfitted with a small check point booth. Secondly remove cash from the equation. By doing this the assurance of order can now be certain. Introduce a transport ticket which could be obtained from the N.I.B. buildings, hotels, schools, grocery/convient stores and other government buildings. Thirdly, with the booths mentioned, employ transit officials whom job would be to date/time bus tickets (one ticket per passenger per ride). By doing this buses now are certain to obtain their fares from the locations set up. On arrival to the bus stops, the buses themselves are logged in by the officials; This works along with the bus ticket eg. if a bus is logged in at say bus stop 6 @ 9:00am, to obtain a ticket which time conflicts with the time the bus made a routine stop would make that ticket void. Fourthly, with the tickets obtained from the bus operators, designate a day the operators would cash in depending on their route. Fifthly, because we all know the bus operators are not going to provide the transit officials salary, only require buses to be insured and (highly) inspected. Now because there is no license fee, the government can require a mere twenty five cents from every ticket redeemed to create the necessary payroll encountered. From this little suggestion, bus operators cry of high licensing fees are silenced, new government jobs are created, new revenue is obtained and most of all buses frequent traffic obstructions minimized/ceased.


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