Btc Clarifies Reasons For Terminating Manager


Elizabeth Thompson.

BAHAMAS Telecommunications Company has assured the public that it does not “disengage staff for trite or unjustifiable reasons” as it gave further details for the dismissal of a senior manager whose immediate reinstatement her union has demanded.

The company also reassured the Bahamas Communications and Public Managers Union (BCPMU) that it values their working relations and recognises the union’s role as the representatives of BTC employees. However, it warned of reports coming from certain quarters of the “possibility of illegal industrial action”, and reminded the union of the protocols both sides have to follow in an industrial

dispute. However, should those protocols be broken by the union, said BTC, it will “address with utmost swiftness and seriousness, any unlawful industrial activities, as it seeks to ensure that provision of services to customers remain the company’s paramount concern.”

Following a demonstration outside BTC’s head office yesterday afternoon, BTC released a statement clarifying its reasons for terminating the contract of Ms Elizabeth Thompson, their counsel and attorney-at-law for the past four and a half years. In addition to her confidential position with BTC she is also vice president of the union. Since her dismissal last week, BCPMU and its affiliate unions have made constant demands for her immediate reinstatement.

In an effort to “clarify its position” on Ms Thompson’s dismissal, BTC made a statement yesterday in which it said it had witnessed a consistent and repeated pattern of behaviour and actions by Ms Thompson that were “entirely contrary” to the fundamental interests and goals of the company.

“Decisions to disengage any staff member are always matters that are approached with the utmost level of discernment and gravity,” the statement said.

“It will not now or ever seek to disengage staff for trite or unjustifiable reasons, but rather for grave and very substantial reasons which go to the root of the employment relationship.”

The company said that in Ms Thompson’s capacity as counsel and attorney-at-law, she was responsible not to put herself in any actual or apparent conflict of interest between the union she leads and the company for which she works.

“In one of the very numerous instances she advised the union executives to recommend that their members not sign up to a new and legitimate policy being advanced by the company, and electronically communicated that view to the entire employee group concerned,” BTC’s statement said.

“The management of the company, including senior executives, have spoken to Ms Thompson on numerous occasions to request a change of the behaviour and actions which are inconsistent with her professional role in the company, and her duties as an employee generally otherwise. BTC is satisfied that it gave Ms Thompson every opportunity to moderate her behaviour. The advice went unheeded.”

The phone company also downplayed claims that they are seeking to “dis-empower” unions.

“The company has and maintains a positive and productive relationship with the company’s union partners – the BCPOU (the non-management union) and the BCPMU (the management union),” the statement said.

“Since the BTC/CWC merger in April of last year, the company and its union partners have consulted and worked together on the voluntary separation package, the new industrial agreements, promotions and reclassifications, and a host of other initiatives of mutual benefit to the company and the union memberships.

“BTC,” said the statement, “values its relationship with its union partners and fully appreciates and embraces their role as representatives of the employee stakeholders of BTC.

BTC said it is concerned by the statements of select individuals speaking of the possibility of illegal industrial action. “The company reminds all concerned of the law and protocols in respect of union grievances and complaints and the process for addressing the same.

“The company will operate consistent with these provisions and it anticipates that the unions will similarly abide by these protocols. The company will address with utmost swiftness and seriousness, any unlawful industrial activities, as it seeks to ensure that provision of services to customers remain the company’s paramount concern,” the BTC statement said.

Yesterday, union representatives showed up at BTC’s head office on John F Kennedy Highway to continue its protest.

According to sources inside the building, the fire alarm had been set off to get everyone out of the building. BTC workers were seen gathered outside in confusion.

BCPMU officials could not be reached for comment up to press time last night.


Puzzled 9 years ago

Elizabeth Thompson knows she is wrong. Her union colleagues all know this. She was not fired for being a member of a trade union. Her dismissal letter was a polite way of laying her off without saying that she had showed, despite warnings, that she had a conflict of interest and had breached the company's trust. The following is an extract from a typical "statement of corporate ethics" .........Conflicts of Interest – Employees and their families are expected to be free from personal interests or actions, which may be in conflict with the goals of the Company. The following situations, which are not intended to be all inclusive, are considered occurrences which could cause a conflict of interest: directly or indirectly owning any interest in a supplier, engaging in a business venture which could be construed as a conflict of interest or allegiance; receiving commissions, fees, loans or gifts of value derived in any way from a supplier; divulging Company information to an unauthorized recipient; or being employed by an organization in a related field while sill be employed by The Company. Proprietary Information – The Companys’ trade secrets or any other proprietary information must not be disclosed to any company or person outside The Company unless such disclosure is made under an approved non-disclosure agreement signed by an authorized representative of The Company and the outside party. Also, employees must protect the proprietary information of The Companys’ customers, vendors and business employees.............. Of course she can be a senior member of the union and work at BTC, just not in as a senior manager of the legal department, who has to negotiate with her own union. It is amazing that all these supporters cannot see past the ex-pat thing! They call on the government to step in, they totally forget that the Government is a 49% partner in this affair. It is always assumed that BTC is CWC, well that is wrong and if the Government would do its duty and appoint their board members then this same dismissal would have happened with the Governments approval. She had massive conflict of interest once she became vice president of her union and she was party to a lot of policy that was going to affect her union which she was unable to keep to herself. In business in other countries, she would not only have been fired with no payoff, but would have been charged with disclosing company information. Of course in the land of piracy, rum runners and drug runners she is a hero! Get your priorities straight people.


242 9 years ago

And Wrecking and blockade running


Bril 9 years ago

I totally agree with you 'Puzzled.' She knows that she was an agitator and instigator in that office. We have to stop standing up for what we know is wrong. This is the same stunt she pulled at the Registrar's Office and the whole thing became political. She always has to be the victim it seems.


Stameko 9 years ago

A question to all....would you hire this woman?.....I think not.


Oracle 9 years ago

ummm...I agree with ALL of the above especially PUZZLE & BRIL....question, you think she didnt make enough money from the Anna Nicole drama......


Stameko 9 years ago

The Union, if anything, should be embarassed by this woman - I am all for Bahamians first, but let's show this particular one the door - she is not the sort we want outsiders to associate with true Bahamians


Mayaguana34 9 years ago

Unions are increasingly becoming irrelevant and those in leadership today are truly a sad bunch to be threatening action for these types of actions by one in their fold - The public trust has been breached - confidence non existent and the small membership dwindling - At a time when we need Unions most the leadership is sad, uninformed and often used as political puppets in spite of the once higher calling to represent the employed and unemployed - ALL LABOR - Clement Payne and Sir Randal are rolling in their graves and the movement and vision needs revival .....let us pray


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