INDIVIDUAL stats from the Bahamas Softball Federation’s National Round Robin Championships, as released by chief statistician Rozina Taylor:

Women’s Division

Batting champion - Larikah Russell

(Grand Bahama) - 11-for-16

for .688 average

Most hits - Larikah Russell

(Grand Bahama) - 11

Most runs - Larikah Russell

(Grand Bahama) - 13

Most RBI - Tarah Evans

(Grand Bahama) - 7

Most wins - Carolyn Laing

(Grand Bahama) - 4-0

Best ERA - Desiree Taylor

(New Providence) - 2.69

Round Robin MVP - Larikah Russell

(Grand Bahama) Batting champion - 6.88;

most hits - 11; most runs - 13

All-Tournament Team

Pitcher - Carolyn Laing (Grand Bahama)

Catcher - Dorothy Marshall

(New Providence)

First base - Patrice Duncombe

(Grand Bahama)

Second base - Tarah Evans

(Grand Bahama)

Third base - Vantrice Bowleg

(New Providence)

Shortstop - Larikah Russell

(Grand Bahama)

Leftfield - Ranica Russell

(Grand Bahama)

Centerfield - Curteisha Albury

(Grand Bahama)

Right field - Lorna Maxis

Utility Player - Neressa Seymour

(New Providence)

Championship MVP - Tara Evans (Grand

Bahama) - 2-for-2 with two runs scored

Men’s Division

Batting champion - Terran Wood

(New Providence) 7-for-11 - .636

Most hits - Terran Wood

(New Providence) - 7

Most runs - Van Johnson

(New Providence) - 5

Most RBI - Terran Wood

(New Providence)

Lyle Sawyer (Abaco) and Ramon Storr

(New Providence) - Five (5) each

Most wins - Adney Bethel (Eleuthera),

Lyle Sawyer (Abaco), William

Weatherford (Abaco), Dexter Albury

Best ERA - William Weatherford


Most round robin - Terran Wood

(New Providence). Batting champion -

.636; Most hits - 7; most RBI - 5

All-Tournament Team

Pitcher - William Weatherford (Abaco)

Catcher - Delano Miller (Andros)

First base - Angelo Bethel (Eleuthera)

Second base - Tyrone Jones (Abaco)

Third base -Quentin Rolle

(Grand Bahama)

Shortstop - Horatio Green (Eleuthera)

Left field - Van Johnson (New Providence)

Centerfield - Darren Rdgers (Abaco)

Right field - Terran Wood

(New Providence)

Utility player - Darren Mortimer

(New Providence)

Championship MVP - Olando McPghee

(New Providence) - 2-for-3, two RBI,

one run and one home run


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