Where Are The Journalists?

EDITOR, The Tribune

Where are the journalists in the country? All I see are “reporters” not journalists. I am very disappointed in what I read in the newspapers and hear on the radio and see on TV when it comes to news.

These “reporters” only report there is no checking of stories or accountability and the level of stories are the “pits”. Some of the questions being asked leave a lot to be desired that it’s almost sickening.

Case in point. It’s amazing that the key to a by-election in the eyes of the “reporters” was what school the candidate for the FNM worked at and because in the heat of the interview he could or didn’t answer they made a big deal about it to the point they spent time investigating and searching in order to show him up.

While allegations of intimidation and victimisation by the PLP was being made and all the press reported was the FNM accuses the PLP of these tactics and nobody bothered to follow-up or investigate and if they did never reported what they found out.

It was also said that plenty of money was being spent by the PLP and they were being accused of bribing people, but no one tried to investigate and find out if this was really true.

Case in point the Minister of Education and Science reportedly has a man, who has a drug case going on right now, as his general and travelling around with him.

The Minister is responsible for the development of our youth and their education don’t you think the children see this, and say, if the Minister condones having this type person around him and working for him it must be ok to do what he is now accused of doing. The BGCSE results may not be good but these kids are very street smart and see this quite clear and the message being sent is not good. Our “reporters” don’t see anything wrong with this because outside of the Punch not one makes this an issue.

Case in point the headline October 17, 2012 Bahama Journal says “PM Quells Victimisation Fears” the Webster dictionary definition of Quell is “to thoroughly overwhelm and reduce to submission or passivity” this headline is an incorrect statement.

The PM may have in his statement “try to quell fears” but the Bahamas Journal has no evidence to say the fears of the people are reduced to submission or passivity.

I really had the Journal at a higher level but recently the editorial content of the Journal has in my opinion been compromised. I wonder why?

It appears the Bahama Journal is out to destroy the reputation and career of the director of The National Insurance Board all because he did his job in bringing the owner to court to force him to pay the National Insurance of his employees.

In all of this does this mean he gets off scot-free and does not have to pay NIB anymore?

Where is the journalist integrity in the country the politician makes statements and all the so-called journalists do is report the statement and do not follow-up or do not hold them accountable.

The media is the 4th estate and they have an obligation to the people of the Bahamas to hold the government and the opposition accountable.

The people of the Bahamas rely on the media to bring the news, the new information, accurately and objectively to them. They expect them to challenge the government to keep its promises and whenever they talk make sure they are telling the country truth and when they don’t they should call them out.

This referendum is a good example of journalists dropping the ball. I remember hearing Prime Minister Perry Christie and his Ministers say they encouraged Bahamians to vote “no” on the referendum in 2001 because the then Prime Minister was trying to push it down the throats of the people and said to them if they don’t understand vote “no”.

Now this Prime Minster rushing the referendum even though he postponed it until January there is still a lot of people don’t understand. Why rush it why push it down the people?

Why aren’t the journalists questioning them on this?
If we are going to take this country to a next level the media needs to be the leader in holding the government and leaders of the country accountable – they must investigate all issues properly and be journalists and not reporters.


Concerned citizen


November 11, 2012.


Ironvelvet 8 years, 4 months ago

I COMPLETEY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING STATED!!! I was just saying to my aunt the other day how I would write a letter to the editor about the poor state of journalism in the Bahamas.

I would like to add that the grammer and spelling is atrocious! I am a Bahamian currently residing abroad, and find it pathetic that I have access to the news online after 9, 10, 11, whatever time in the morning that they feel like posting. The only excuse that I can think of is that there aren't enough staff, hire a group to only do online posting.

High schoolers could do the level of reporting that is currently being seen.

Journalists, please heed what Mr. Thomas and myself have written.


Ironvelvet 8 years, 4 months ago

Ha! I misspelled grammer. Its grammar.


Ironvelvet 8 years, 4 months ago

Oh and one last thing. What is this no newspapers on the weekend policy? It is 2012 and the Bahamas has alot going on, there shouldn't be a lack of news. What is the problem?


hnhanna 8 years, 4 months ago

The country needs more investigating reporters not just person who just read the news


dehavmoss 8 years, 4 months ago

You guys are making loads of sense. We need the media to follow through on stories as opposed to just believing everything that they are told. We need to hear the story behind the story.


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