Man Cleared Of Murder And Manslaughter Charges

AFTER deliberation, a Supreme Court jury acquitted a man of a murder charge yesterday afternoon.

Rony Joseph, 34, of Wulff Road sat in the prisoners dock as the foreman announced that three-quarters of a 12-member jury did not believe he killed Jean Jeantry in November 2010.

The 9-3 not guilty verdict was announced shortly after 2pm.

The jury also considered the lesser charge of manslaughter based on evidence suggesting the shooting on Bacardi Road was provoked by the victim.

The jury unanimously found Joseph not guilty.
Senior Justice Jon Isaacs reiterated the jury’s verdict to Joseph and told him that unless he had other matters before the courts, he was free to go.

Joseph was represented by Bernard O Ferguson. Darell Taylor and Abagail Farrington prosecuted the case.
The trial lasted four days.


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