Ex-Real Estate Agent Admits Deposit Thefts


Tribune Freeport Reporter


FREEPORT – At the start of her trial yesterday, former real estate agent Daisymae Johnson pleaded guilty in the Supreme to 10 counts of stealing by reason of service.

Johnson, owner of Gibraltar Realty Company, was accused of stealing money from persons who had made deposits on homes.

Nassau Attorney Elliot Lockhart represented Johnson, who accepted a plea offer from the prosecution.

Prosecutor Darell Taylor, of the Attorney General’s Office, appeared on behalf of the Crown.

Senior Justice Hartman Longley adjourned the matter to September 20, when Johnson is expected to return to court.


BahaGal 8 years ago

10 counts of stealing? this woman has been stealing for years and her name is in CID (at least it was) She stole deposits for houses from my husband and other people then skip town and went to the United States.....my husband found out a few years ago that she was back after checking CID and he went to look for her....she went underground again now turns up in Freeport years later doing the same thing. This woman should have been jailed a long time ago they should not be making any plea offers for her she is a crook .


BahaGal 8 years ago

not only that my husband still has the receipts for the money he paid but always got turned around by CID when he went there.....


positiveinput 8 years ago

I know of your pain, I experienced the same with a placed called Dream Development. I should of figured by the name I was just buying a DREAM. However life goes on.


palmbayvictim 7 years, 6 months ago

Elliot Lockhart consistently represents the worst filth. He makes a living off other peoples misery. Despicable.


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