North Abaco Candidates Show Assets In Declarations


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE official declaration of candidate assets and liabilities revealed quite a range between the three North Abaco by-election hopefuls in terms of financial standing.

Wednesday was nomination day, when the candidates are officially ratified. On the same day, each of the contenders issued an official declaration of their income, property and net worth.

The Progressive Liberal Party’s Renardo Curry led the pack with total assets worth $284,054.74.

Mr Curry further listed a total income of $49,160 and liabilities which amount to $224,290.

He declared a savings account containing $3,000 and an annual salary of $26,000.

Mr Curry declared real estate worth $263,000. 

His net worth is $59,764.74, the declaration said.

Meanwhile, Free National Movement Candidate Greg Gomez said his current total savings are $300.

His salary is listed at $28,000, and his liabilities amount to the same.

Mr Gomez real estate is valued at $70,000.

He listed total assets worth $80,300 and a net worth of $52,300.

The third candidate, Bahamas Constitution Party leader Ali McIntosh, declared she has no savings, no salary, no insurance or real estate, no securities, and no mortgages.

However, she did declare property worth $19,500, a total income of $9,700 and total liabilities of $2,507.


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