Pupils Hurt In Bus Crash


Tribune Staff Reporter


THREE pupils from Andros were airlifted to hospital in Nassau after a school bus crash.

According to reports the Andros school bus lost control while turning a corner and crashed into nearby bushes.

Three pupils from North Andros High School were injured and subsequently airlifted to Princess Margaret Hospital for treatment.

A school staff member, who wished to remain anonymous, said the children were ‘all right’ and were expected to be released shortly.

In a statement released yesterday the Ministry of Education said students’ safety ‘was a priority’ and an investigation would be launched into the crash, which happened on Thursday.

“In response to the accident involving students from North Andros High School, the Ministry of Education wishes to advise that it takes very seriously the safety and welfare of all students being transferred to and from school by bus contractors,” said the statement.

“Several students were hurt and were transferred to New Providence for observation.

“As a consequence of the accident, the ministry has ordered its own inspectors to visit all islands where bus services are in operation, in order to ensure that buses are roadworthy and safe for transporting students.

“Despite the fact that buses are required by law to be inspected by officers of the Road Traffic Department, the ministry wishes to complement the Road Traffic Department’s inspection with its own inspection team which will report to the minister regularly regarding the safety of the buses.”


Ruth 7 years, 11 months ago

Thank you to the higher powers (GOD) as luck had nothing to do with the fact that none of these kids were seriously injured. It’s unfortunate that the Ministry has to wait until our children actually almost lost their lives before they react. The busing system in Central Andros definitely needs to be evaluated. The Ministry of Education Representatives was notified on numerous occasions that this bus was not road worthy during the past and present school year but are they the only ones at fault? NO. Parents open your eyes, and speak up! Bus operators opened the school year breaking down, driving on balled tires, torn up seats, ( parents should be asked to repair these seats when children are found responsible for damaging the very chairs they have to sit on for an hours’ drive ) need I go on. It is time for us the parents to be more responsible when it comes to the welfare of our children. For far too long some of us sit back day after day and don’t get involve in our children’s school life. The cry has gone out too often for parents to get involve. Let us agitate and take a stance for what is best for our Children. On another note it actually took the Police three and a half hours to get to the scene of this accident. Superintendent, our Officers needs to get their act together. Three and a half hours to travel twenty miles in absolutely no traffic… What if God forbid something serious had actually happened….We are so fortunate and thankful to GOD and those who continued to pray for the safety of these Children… They were indeed covered …On that note I bow out.


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