Woman To 'Recharge' At Empowerment Seminar

Transformation Strategist Simmone L. Bowe will be hosting an intimate women’s empowerment seminar and social dubbed “Recharge” on April 26 at The Crab House.

The event is designed to challenge women who may feel burnt out and stuck in an unfulfilling routine to think about their choices, envision their ideal life, and provide the support needed to help them make more purposeful decisions to move them toward.

Simmone has been focusing on change and transformation for over 20 years through her experiences as an educator, corporate trainer, human
resource and organisational development consultant. She is an author and hosts an inspirational TV show called Ready4Change and co-hosts
Female Centric Fridays, a radio show on GEMS radio.

Recharge will feature some of the nation’s top speakers in addition to the host Simmone Bowe, including Dr. Wayne Thompson, Sherika Brown,
Stanya Davis, and Melisa Hall who will share on the following topics: Why I Make the Choices I Make I am Worth It, Can I Really be Your Superwoman? Real Women, Real Relationships, Real Talk, I am Ready To Upgrade.

There will also be inspirational music and spoken word by recording artists Be (Bodine), Cazna Hinds, the Sage, host Simmone Bowe, and the
All for One Band. The event’s host will be GEMS radio personality, Gandhi, host of Female Centric Fridays and Message Music.

“The Crab House offers the intimacy we want so that the attendees can feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired. Women need to understand that they are more than the roles they may play as wife, mother, employee, business owner, even as an independent single female but that they were created for a higher purpose to serve humanity. It is only then they will truly be satisfied,” said Simmone.


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