Moss Fears 'Open Warfare' In Arguments Over Clifton


Tribune Senior Reporter


‘OPEN warfare’ at Clifton is a major concern of Bahamas Against Crime Executive Director Rev CB Moss, he said in a press statement yesterday.


The Rev. CB Moss.

Rev Moss expressed his displeasure about an incident involving environmental activist Fred Smith and former Progressive Liberal Party MP Keod Smith, that ended in the destruction of a vehicle’s windscreen.

“A few days ago the media reported that Fred Smith, a member of the Protect Clifton Bay Coalition, was at Jaws Beach on the Clifton National Heritage Park when he was allegedly attacked by several men,” the statement said.

The statement refers to Keod Smith as ‘a spokesperson for Peter Nygard, the Lyford Cay resident who is locked in a public feud with Louis Bacon his neighbour.’

It goes on: “According to media reports Fred Smith was photographing Clifton Bay and the surrounding area when Keod Smith informed him that he had no rights being there.

The attack followed when Fred Smith’s car was damaged, said the statement.

“Although the victim was not seriously injured, it was primarily because he did not fight back, but tried to escape.”

As a result of this incident, Rev Moss said he was concerned that the dispute between Mr Nygard and Mr Bacon, and both Mr Smiths could “explode into open warfare”.

Fred Smith told the media yesterday that he was not in a fight with Keod Smith. “What I’m in a fight about now is protecting our environment,” he said.

Mr Moss called the situation tragic, saying the disputes have “little” to do with protecting Clifton.

“Bahamas Against Crime is therefore calling upon the Prime Minister to immediately
intervene in this matter of national importance before more damage is done,” the statement said.


jackflash 7 years, 3 months ago

What about Keod Smith?

Is he lock up yet for tampering with a crime sceen?

Or is that OK cause he is a former PLP MP?

Where is the rule of law?

Has he even been questioned?

Where are the comments from the Comish?

Have we no laws in this country anymore?


Tarzan 7 years, 3 months ago

I have the greatest respect for Reverand Moss but he is wrong here. This has everything to do with the environment and with Clifton Heritage Park, which he worked so hard to secure. It is about whether Peter Nygard will be permitted to continue his serial environmental degradation of Clifton Bay. It is about whether Bahamian citizens like Fred Smith have a right to visit a public park absent being attacked by thugs. It is about the rule of law in this great country versus the rule of dollars.


proudloudandfnm 7 years, 3 months ago

Do we actually have a Prime Minister? Or just some guy biding his time so he can get his pension? These people can't be serious about asking the PM to intervene? What in that man's history makes anyone believe he will intervene in anything? I'm still waiting for him to start being a Prime Minister...


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