Lawyer 'a disgrace against this Bar and humanity in this country'


BEC chairman Leslie Miller


Tribune Staff Reporter


GEOFFERY Farquharson, the attorney who represented Kohfe Goodman in the murder trial of 11-year-old Marco Archer, displayed actions that were totally disgraceful during the case, said Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller yesterday.

Making a contribution to an amendment that seeks to add additional judges to assist in the backlog of cases, Mr Miller commended the government for moving the Act to bring justice quickly and to ensure a fair trial.

Mr Miller suggested that Farquharson was among several lawyers in the country who act undesirably to attract more cases for financial gain.

Said Mr Miller: “(In the) Marco Archer situation where I thought that the lawyer who defended (Kohfe Goodman) was a total disgrace against not only the Bar, but against humanity in this country with the foolishness that took place in that trial. 

“You saw the contempt that this man, who has now been found guilty, when on Wednesday week before last he said that he had to leave the court room because he didn’t want to hear the lies that people were going to tell on him. (Then) Friday when they found him guilty he spat in the face of one of the jurors and then warned that he was going to kill all of them that was on the jury.

“This is the same guy on the Wednesday before was the nicest guy in the world who couldn’t stand to hear people lie on him. (But) when he was found guilty then the real person came out.

“You have a lot of lawyers who showboat. They like to get headlines in the newspaper because they want to attract the other killers to come to them. It is all about money and to get the next client.”

The Marco archer trial, as it went on had been marked by several outlandish claims made by Farquharson. At one point he had been told by the presiding judge that he was in contempt of court because of his conduct and choice of words.

Mr Miller further asked the government to consider having a three judge jury panel in place to make the final call in heinous murder cases rather than relying on a jury which have in the past been threatened or assaulted.

But State Legal Affairs Minister Damian Gomez said his suggestion was currently impossible due to constitutional constraints. He said that in order for such a panel to be appointed, Bahamians would have to vote on the change when the referendum to amend the constitution is held in November.


proudloudandfnm 10 years, 3 months ago

Crazy people running our country.....


justthefactsplease 10 years, 3 months ago

A referandum is being held in November and no education on the issues to be voted on has started yet? They don't learn eh ... when will the questions come out and the education start? Next year?


JohnDoes 10 years, 3 months ago

Referendums dont work! Prime example: the 'webshop referendum'. When they 'decide' to act on that, that is when we have faith in referendums and democracy. As far as citizens are concerned, this country is not focused on us or our well being just the assets of foreigners, and the so called 'good looks'.


david2323 10 years, 3 months ago

Hope you can do a story on the Foyil fund, Dorian Foyil. Investigate.


John 10 years, 3 months ago

Apparently the judge in this particular matter exercised restraint so as not to cause a mistriai in a very sensitive case, but this particular attorney's behavior was not only full of contempt , disrespectful and embarrassing .. but it was disgraceful and it demands that some disciplinary action be taken against him. In a timeframe when it does not reflect on the client he is representing.


SP 10 years, 3 months ago

GEOFFERY Farquharson is known clown. No one should be surprised.

Too many clown lawyers in this country getting away with unethical behavior everyday something needs to be done about these pirates.


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