Young Bahamian Launching First Novel

Davrielle Burrows, a 23 year old Bahamian author recently released her first novel “Never Been Kissed”. She hosted the official launch and book signing on August 16 at Starbucks in the Harbour Bay Shopping Centre.

“Never Been Kissed” is Burrows’ second book, but first work of fiction. This most recent work is the first in a three part series entitled “Looking for Addison.” The books center around a character named Heather Thompson, a sweet, yet na�ve teenager from the Bahamas.

The engaging trilogy follows Heather and her friends along her faith-filled journey toward self-discovery, self-acceptance and finding love which is sparked as she grapples with overwhelming feelings for high school crush, Addison Carter.

Books two and three in the series are scheduled for release within 18 months. So far the books have been sold in the Bahamas, the United States and the United Kingdom and the response from readers has been extremely positive. Some of the reviews stated: “It was an awesome read!”, “Looking for Addison: Never Been Kissed is entertaining and exciting; a must read for all teenage girls!”.

Currently Burrows works in media full time but writes in her spare time. Her first book “What Lies Beneath the Surface” was a poetry collaboration with Tebuwnah Burrows and Frecinda Mullings.

Burrows hopes her latest work will primarily entertain but also encourage young people, particular young women to embrace their unique strengths and beauty and bring wisdom and confidence into their search for love. With numerous cultural references she also wishes to draw attention to the trends and environment endemic to the Bahamas while engaging an international audience by discussing many of the universal dynamics of adolescence.

The synopsis of the book states: “Heather Thompson is a sweet, modest, girl from the Bahamas. She was going blissfully through the motions of high school until she found herself enamored with Addison Carter, the handsome captain of the Sonlight Academy soccer team. As her interest in Addison deepens she finds herself more and more tempted to reveal her true feelings for him in spite of her fear that he will not return them.

“When Heather finally reveals her crush to both Addison and her friends she finds herself vulnerable, and confused. Being in such close quarters with her prince charming causes her to come face to face with her insecurities, faith, values, and humanity. In this dramatic and engaging tale all the answers Heather thought she had will be challenged. In Heather’s quest to find love, she may just lose herself.”


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