What's On Your Christmas Wish-List?


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WHETHER it is a trip you always wanted or a piece of home decor you just have to have, the perfect gift may just be waiting for you in Santa’s bundle of gifts. This Christmas, Bahamian women gave Tribune Woman a look into their wish lists.

-Home Decor-

LaVonne Alexis, Fashion Designer
“My choice is more or so home decor. I love fashionable ways to decorate my house with really cool pieces that I find. I’ve fallen in love with this taxidermy store on Etsy, I want everything on the website for different rooms for the home but right now what I would love to unwrap the most I think is the gold faux alligator head.”

-A Stereo System-

Lezz Boogie, 100 Jamz Morning Show Host
“This is literally a wish list scenario because I don’t know anybody that could pull this one off. Like most men, I too enjoy a good surround system because it enhances the quality of the digital viewing experience like none other. The big screen TV with high quality picture is a must. It is the icing on the cake and as for the DVR system, there are too many shows that I’d love the chance to view later because I miss them when they air.”

-The Make-up Overload-

Angelique Sabrina, Bahamian Pop Singer
“I think it is important for a girl to know how to extenuate her facial features. I like doing it on myself and other friends so I am interested in makeup. This year, my makeup collection has become a drawer exploding of makeup already and I promise that I can never have enough.”

-Family Time-

Jordia Benjamin, NAGB Educational Officer
“My family lives in Florida and I just want to be with them for Christmas. On a scale of 1 to 10, the importance of me being with them would be a 20. So that is where I am going to be on Christmas Day and that is what it is all about. I am not a materialistic person so it’s like family, food and resting for me.”

-The Michael Kors Hand Bag-

Melissa Forbes, Tribune Reader

“ I got my eye on this oh so gorgeous royal blue coloured MK bag, and I have been giving clues to my husband here and there. If I don’t get it for Christmas, I will probably purchase it in the New Year, but it is definitely on my wish list. I just have to have it.”

  • The Apple I Phone-

Kayla Johnson, Tribune Reader 
“My current phone situation is deplorable. So a phone is definitely something I want, and this is the perfect time to ask for it, when all of my family and friends are in the gift giving mood. So hopefully on Wednesday, I will be bling blinging from my new device.”


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