Cruise ship concern over crime - but no ultimatum


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE entire cruise ship industry remains concerned about the safety of passengers and employees in The Bahamas, an executive at Carnival said yesterday.

Terry Thornton, senior vice president of itinerary development and revenue planning, said it was important Bahamian officials work to reduce crime.

It comes after an alleged warning by Carnival that it would discontinue routes to the Bahamas next year unless crime was handled.

Carnival denies that any such ultimatum was made.

Mr Thornton said: “All cruise lines calling in The Bahamas share the same desire for our guests and crew members to enjoy a safe and exceptional experience when visiting The Bahamas. We look forward to continuing to work, as an industry, with the Bahamian government to meet our mutual goals and objectives.

“The entire cruise industry remains concerned about incidences of crime in The Bahamas, including Nassau. As we have advised as an industry, it is extremely important that Bahamian officials continue to work to reduce crime to ensure the safety and well-being of all visitors, including the millions of cruise ship passengers and crew members who visit The Bahamas annually.”

Concerns have been raised about whether or not visitors are safe as they come to New Providence.

Those concerns are coupled with the fact that there have been numerous reports of attacks on tourists and Americans who work in the country.

On December 13, the United States Embassy in Nassau again stressed its warning of increased criminal activity in the Bahamas for US citizens preparing to the travel to the islands during the holiday season.

The alert, sent out via e-mail advised that armed robbery remains a “major threat” facing visitors to the Bahamas.

US citizens were also informed of the armed invasion of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’s home and cited other recent incidents involving American tourists.


B_I_D___ 10 years, 3 months ago

I heard it said in a recent conversation that because of all the warnings, and bulletins posted on the cruise ship that less than one third of the passengers disembark the ship while in port in Nassau. That's impressive!! We've done well as a third world country... sigh


BunnyLovers 10 years, 1 month ago

We were victims of an attempted armed robbery, while on a public bus, in Nassau. We were on bus 7a, just sight seeing, at 2pm on March 8 2014 Two young men wanted my wifes purse as they were exiting the bus. The man with the gun said that he was going to shoot me if my wife didn't give up her purse. She screamed, & the men ran away, only because the man with the gun, saw a women on the bus, that could identify him, & she did, when we were at the police station. Don't wear any jewely, & don't care a purse, of any size. Bus 10, which serves the 'safe' side of Nassau, seems to be a-ok. Please google "crimes against tourists in nassau bahamas", it's all very scary. You can have a really bad day, if your not careful. If you go to Nassau, staying in your resort, would be the best plan. Downtown, within a few block area, during the day, seems very safe. When traveling in Nassau, use an 'approved' taxi. Some of the bad guys are now pretending to be a taxi service, watch out. My wife has bruised Ribs, from the assault on us.


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