Super Bowl ad part of $14m campaign


Obie Wilchcombe


Tribune Staff Reporter


THE MINISTRY of Tourism officially debuted its first in a series of commercials for the Bahamas during the Super Bowl at a cost of $197,000, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe said yesterday.

“Behold”, the first commercial to be launched, aired Sunday night to millions of viewers and featured actor, producer and former NBA player Rick Fox and supermodel Shakara Ledard. 

Also joining them was magician David Copperfield, owner of Musha Cay, Exuma.

All sequences from the three celebrities are strung together by the baritone

narration of Bahamian Greg Barrett, a former Ministry of Tourism employee.

Mr Wilchcombe said while some may have been disappointed that the ad initially aired in Florida, it premiered in other “major markets” on Monday.

“We debuted it to the Florida market first, like we have been doing since 2002. However, it premiered today in other major markets on MSNBC, the Travel Channel, the Cooking Channel, HGTV, TNT, Lifetime and a few others, so people in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, to name a few, will be able to see it. It will be aired throughout the United States. We paid $197,000 for the Super Bowl ad but it was not just for the Super Bowl. It will run throughout the year and all over the world,” he said.

“The ad was made based on surveys we did that showed that most people come to the Bahamas for our beaches, climate, rest and relaxation and friendly people. The ad will have a tremendous impact. This morning when I checked on youtube the ad had already gotten more than 11,000 views.”

Mr Wilchcombe said the ad is the first glimpse into a $14 million campaign that aims at “reintroducing the Bahamas to the world.”

”The entire campaign,” he said, “will be about $14 million. That’s for commercials and placement ads in various markets. We are doing this year round this time. You have to spend money to make money. We are in the big leagues now. For those who say it is a waste of money, how do they know? We have not seen the results of the ad yet.

“We lost market share in Florida and New York so we have to rebuild our campaign. No campaign costs less than $4 million, that is the reality of the business we are in. Our aim is to get the hotels filled, get the people talking about the Bahamas again and get a return on our investment.”

Mr Wilchcombe said both local and international filmmakers are working on Ministry of Tourism Ads.


TalRussell 10 years ago

Remarkably, it took a survey to educate the minister that most visitors do in fact come to the Bahamaland for the attractiveness of our beaches, rest, relaxation and the friendliness of the natives?

Lordy me this news must come as an even bigger swift shock to the butt of Comrade Minister Obie who was out there preaching how the legalization, or whatever the numbers "bosses" hired guns lawyers can convince a Justice to soon call it, that the tourists dollars would be an tremendous revenue booster for the numbers "bosses" pockets?

I'd rate the Super Bowl spot as being a strong 8 out of 10 for beautifully pictures, but viewers were not left with the slightest impression that other than being paid endorsements in a commercial, that Comrades Rick, Shakara or David are actually connected to Bahamaland, as the minister seem to be saying during his media blitz when announcing the three would be prominently featured in the TV spots as being "connected" to Bahamaland?

Or, behold just maybe I was wearing my Rose-colored TV viewing glasses, again?



volleygirl 10 years ago

TalRussell, I agree with your "viewers were not left with the slightest impression that other than being paid endorsements in a commercial, that Comrades Rick, Shakara or David are actually connected to Bahamaland." The music was so darn dreary and with so many talented musicians in the Bahamas they should have supported one of their own and play music that is indigenous to the Bahamas. A Bahamian musician(s) could have brought life to that ad. The scenery could be many other Caribbean countries; there was nothing distinctive or unique about it. It took almost 50 seconds before Abaco and Inagua were mentioned and finally at the end "Bahamas" was mentioned along with the graphic. For those unfamiliar with the Out Islands Abaco and Inagua meant nothing to them. That ad definitely was not family friendly. I give them credit for trying to promote the Bahamas but with all the culture the Bahamas has to offer I doubt showing the ocean and remote beach will be enough for people to book a flight especially someone planning a trip with children. I hope the ad is successful as the Bahamas could use a good shot in the arm of tourists.


TimeForChange 9 years, 11 months ago

This just goes to show this government dont have a clue the only thing they know how to do is waste the people's money. Get some new people in Tourism with some new ideas cause these old PLP's are lost! If you want to advertise the Bahamas I suggest you use actual bahamians who live in the country why do you have to "import" people just as you have to import everything else in this country!


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