Students Praised For Heroic Efforts


House Speaker Kendal Major

UNDER the theme “Excellence Driven, Purpose Bound”, the SC McPherson Junior High School formally recognised the scholastic achievements of its students at an Honour Roll ceremony held at the Greater Bethel Cathedral.

Calling their efforts “heroic”, House Speaker Kendal Major exhorted the students, teachers and parents to cultivate a culture of excellence in academia and make personal development a priority.

“This exercise today is about building you up. I salute you for preparation and determination. I trust you are inspired and it causes you to reach a little higher.

“I especially congratulate the heroic efforts or your teachers, staff and parents. Each of you has a gift. Each of you is a gift. Your responsibility is to discover that gift and serve it to the world,” he said.

“For those who will receive honours today, I congratulate you and challenge you to continue to seek your potential and chart new horizons. Don’t allow your latest success to hijack your future,” Dr Major said.

For those students who did not receive honours, the Speaker stressed patience and perseverance, using his own life experience as an example.

“For those that will not receive an award today, I say your time will come. It may not come when you want it or how you want it but trust me it will come. So do not lose heart.

“Stay motivated and press on. Remember my story – I changed my grade and my first school honour came when I graduated from university with honours,” he said.

Assuring the students that the surest way out of poverty is a good basic education, Dr Major advised students to plan their success, one step at a time.


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