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Obie Wilchcombe


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GRAND Bahama is well-positioned to become a “technological hub”, according to Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe, who yesterday said the Ministry Tourism was playing its part through plans to relocate its call centre to that island.

Speaking with Tribune Business at the Bahamas International Investment & Business Forum on Grand Bahama, Mr Wilchcombe said: “I believe that when the Ministry of Tourism establishes its call centre here, we are going to send a message to the rest of the world.

“You can create Grand Bahama as a hub where everything is centred here and shoots from here, like the call centre that we are creating here for the Ministry of Tourism.

“Whether it’s major companies, corporations or hotels, it can all take place here, but we have to put in place the legislation and whatever is required to cause and bring that attraction here.

Suggesting that Grand Bahama could become a digital platform, Mr Wilchcombe added: “We are going to be talking to the world from here. Right now it’s about the inquiry. People are interested in the Bahamas due to the fact that the Bahamas has so many islands that people are now recognising.

“You’re going to find that every day Abaco, Exuma, Eleuthera; all these islands will be pushing something here that’s going out to the world. We are talking to people all over the world every day, so every island will get an equal opportunity for publicity.”

Mr Wilchcombe said the Ministry of Tourism was working to “bring the magic back to Freeport”, adding: “We want to create an exciting destination where people would want to come.”


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