Ty Love Makes Comeback With New Name

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AFTER being missing in action for some time, Bahamian R&B artist Ty Love made his comeback during a weekend performance. He also revealed a name change that is in the works.

“I am grown now. I called myself Ty Love in my earlier years. Now I want to be known as Mr Love,” he said.
The artist performed during the pre-party for “A Celebration of Love” concert featuring Grammy award-winning R Kelly. Ty Love along with 4ever1, a group featuring four identical quadruplets, hit the stage at Club Luna gearing up fans for the blockbusting concert. He performed his single “Party Time” which was released last year.
He said the performance was the perfect opportunity to reintroduce himself and his music to local audiences.

“Performing for the pre party was a good experience. I am used to performing at many different venues and in the front of different crowds. I have opened shows in the past for artists like Tupac, Bobbi Brown, Black Haze, Kareem White, Guy, and more,” he told In Ya Ear.
Before he started singing, Ty Love was a professional dancer, performing in a number of Broadway productions. He first got his start as an artist with EKG a record label in Miami.
Now he is gearing up for the release of his second album. His first album “Ghetto Thing” was released in 1996 and featured several hits including Balcony, Pump It Up, and Ghetto Thing, which made the Billboard 100 Charts.

“From 1996 until now I was doing a lot of writing for the new album. I hesitated on bringing out those songs because music changes so much and I had to stay back and somehow reform some of the things I did from 1996 to 2000,” he said.
Now that I am back with a new album people can expect much from it. Although my work has changed the second album is full force R&B. It will be very soulful. The project is close to completion and will target people between the ages of 21-25,” the artist said.
Apart from his second solo project, Ty Love is also working on a rake n scrape album along with Bahamian artist Utah Taylor. He said the rake n scrape album will be released at some point within the year.

“I crossed over as well. So instead of just doing R&B, I will also be performing rake n scrape, R&B and funk. I was always known as an R&B artist but now I am crossing over to a different type of music extending my talent. You have a lot of people who do not know who Ty Love is and now I am reintroducing myself and my music. I am looking at targeting a much more younger crowd,” he said.


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