Griffin Seeks More Money For Social Services To Help Pay People's Bills


Tribune Staff Reporter


SOCIAL Services Minister Melanie Griffin said it is likely that her ministry will request more money from the government to cover increased requests for assistance with electricity and rent payments.

While she could say specifically how much money will be requested when the government presents its midterm budget next month, Mrs Griffin said that she was positive that her ministry’s records would show an increase in the need for aid.

The Minister made the update on Tuesday outside the Cabinet office.

“I expect that we will be requiring additional funding,” Mrs Griffin said, “for areas like food and perhaps for rental assistance, but definitely for food which is a high priority right now.

“We have a large volume of persons needing assistance for light and also for rent, so the community support unit continues to bear a real brunt of the onslaught from persons who are unemployed.”

Already, it appears that the government could have serious financial challenges on its hands as State Finance Minister Michael Halkitis told members of parliament last week it is likely that more money will be needed in order to satisfy prior financial commitments.”

It is not yet clear how much money to government will need.


jackflash 8 years, 2 months ago

FEED A PERSON ONCE- Elicits appreciation

FEED HIM TWICE - Creates anticipation

FEED HIM THREE TIMES- Creates expectation

FEED HIM FOUR TIMES - Becomes entitlement

FEED HIM FIVE TIMES - Produces dependency

This destroys personal initiative and diminihes dignaity.

It also creates and increases dependency and dismantles family structures and erodes work ethic. Why work when he gov. will take care of me.

We need to be very careful with our social services.

It may be making bigger problem down the road.


dudu 7 years, 9 months ago

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Bahamianpride 7 years, 9 months ago

Give them a hand up..it's much needed at a time when people are suffering more.. we have not created a society where the poor has ability to empower themselve..Systematically they are discriminated against.. if this was the U.S I would say this some welfare state B.S. because they have free market capitalism, where u can be born in the worse ghetto and become a billionaire..No such system exist in the Bahamas the poor are screwed unless they acheive sucess through sports or crime..


dudu 7 years, 9 months ago

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