Beres Hammond And R Kelly Concerts Collide

SOCIAL Networks have been swarmed with concert gossip over the past few weeks after news broke that two major events will clash on the same date in February.

Music lovers got wind of the entertainment news after flyers started circulating on Facebook, just days apart, showing Above the Rim’s

“Beres Hammond and Friends” live in concert at the Wyndham Nassau Resort, February 23 2013. Another flyer read: Fresh Entertainment presents for the first time in the Bahamas, Grammy Award Winner R Kelly performing live on February 23, 2013. Unlike the Beres Hammond concert, there was no venue given for the R Kelly event.

Then came the fan made photo of R Kelly juxtaposed next to Beres Hammond with the question: Which one would you attend?

Some said R Kelly’s performance in the Bahamas would be something different, something new. Others who are familiar with Above The Rim’s Night of Love concerts, said they know Beres Hammond to be a sure bet. There were also some party goers that said R Kelly would attract the younger crowd, while Beres would attract the grown folks.

“I know for sure that both of those venues are not going to be filled to capacity, so someone should change their date. There is no way that they can be that hot up for a concert to risk loosing a profit,” said one commentator.

“Beres is the ‘realest’ and R Kelly’s music speaks for itself. This is a tough one but I know for sure that I won’t be able to afford to attend both. I think a lot of people are thinking like that too, so this is going to be an outcome I would like to see unfold,” another commentator wrote.

Fresh Entertainment recently revealed a venue for the celebration of love concert that will feature R Kelly. Bahamians can find and enjoy him live in concert at the Seaside Pavilion, but the big question remains, will anyone back down and change their date?

February is already upon us, and a lot can happen in the upcoming weeks. In Ya Ear will keep you posted, so stay tuned.


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