'Sack Miller Over Hotel Threat'

Phenton Neymour

Phenton Neymour


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER minister Phenton Neymour is calling for the immediate removal of current BEC chairman Leslie Miller, who he accused of “putting the country in jeopardy” with his threat to disconnect delinquent hotels.

Mr Neymour said the chairman’s stance on this issue is a threat to “the very lifeline of this country” – tourism.

“He has no fear and apparently no hesitation in shutting down this country. Clearly, he does not care about the tens of thousands of Bahamians who work in the tourism industry and commercial businesses. He does not care if they have no job to go to in the morning,” Mr Neymour said.

With some of the major hotels in the country “grossly negligent in paying their bills” – one owing as much as $10 million – Mr Miller had vowed that the corporation will “deal with” those hotels this summer, cutting the power to any that failed to comply.

Yesterday, Mr Neymour added that the chairman’s disclosures suggest Mr Miller and the PLP have no regard for the confidentiality of information held by a public utility.

Asking for fairness, he called on Mr Miller to make public the total of any outstanding BEC bills held by companies he has an interest in.

Mr Neymour also called for a fired employee to be taken back.

“How can the PLP have no heart for a woman who after 17 years of employment is victimised?” he asked.

As for the ongoing dispute between the two men over salaries for BEC disconnectors, Mr Neymour claimed the PLP is paying around $13,000 more to disconnectors than the FNM was paying.

Mr Miller said last Thursday that 25 disconnectors are paid between $480 to $680 each per week, based on the number of disconnections and reconnections they handle.

An additional 14 disconnectors were also hired, Mr Miller said, bringing the number from 11 to 25.

Mr Neymour said taking the average of those two numbers and multiplying the number by 25 disconnectors over the course of a year means the government is now paying $754,000 as opposed to the quoted $740,595 figure under the FNM.

“Clearly, by his admission, he is paying more for disconnection services at BEC than under the FNM. Yet he is bragging that he has hired more disconnectors to disconnect poor people at a cheaper rate,” Mr Neymour said.

The former minister also provided the press with copies of minutes from a BEC meeting he attended.

Mr Miller has consistently charged that Mr Neymour never held a meeting with any management or executive members.

He said last Thursday: “He never had a meeting at BEC with anyone in his life, in five years he sat here and never had a meeting.”

Mr Neymour said yesterday: “One of my first activities was to meet with the board, followed by management, and had numerous subsequent meetings... Mr Miller, as the current executive chairman, is in possession of these minutes.”


USAhelp 7 years, 6 months ago

He. Needs to cut the power off of the non payers if he don't then sack him.


Josie 7 years, 6 months ago

Post their names in the paper, give them a deadline. If they don't pay SHUT THEM DOWN!


UserOne 7 years, 6 months ago

Will Mr. Miller cut off his own power for non payment?


TalRussell 7 years, 6 months ago

Comrades when BEC Chairman "Pot cake" was threatening to send home workers he became the instant "poster boy" for the red shirts.Do you not recall how they rushed to The Tribune, proclaiming that this was how "all PLP's need be acting?" But how quickly your flame will fade, if you dare go after any of their own kiind, for NOT paying the mullions of dollars they owe to BEC? Millions they have demonstrated zero intent to pay BEC. Yep, this is what the real red shirts are all about and believe me it ain't got nothing to do with the poor having no lights. Hubert done proved where he stood when it came to the poor keep'in they lights on.



ThisIsOurs 7 years, 6 months ago

Everybody should pay their bill, even the purple shirts


ADubbs 7 years, 6 months ago

I agree with Miller. DISCONNECT! There are a lot of people struggling to pay their bills. BEC disconnects homes owing a few hundred dollars. Why not the hotels?! And they owe MILLIONS?! CUT. THEM. OFF! It is NOT Miller's job to keep those people employed. That falls to the hotel. His job to take care of his constituency and do what is right for the Corporation. CUT. THEM. OFF! People don't stay in hotels for free. Don't do it!


Bahamianpride 7 years, 6 months ago

pay or get it turned off, no exceptions for anyone period... The Bahamas has a tropical climate, no ones going to freeze to death...If u too hot, go outside and sit under a shade tree in the breeze.. Why is this man not being applauded, however he should go after everyone equally..


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