Sarah Fox Is Making Great Waves With New Single


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WITH a new single recently released, Bahamian singer and artist Sarah J Fox is excited to see her talent making great waves.

The new single ‘Jelly Fish,’ said Sarah, shares a message about love and features Grand Bahama native and singer, Jah Hem.

Sarah said: “The inspiration for the song stems from an inspiring place about a girl expressing herself about the deep love she has for an individual, letting him know he is sweeter than any paradise that her surroundings or any third party could offer.”

She said she really enjoyed working with an artist with an incredible voice like Jah Hem. “Much Respect, he was kind enough to feature on this song. I hope to work with him again in the future,” she said.

Sarah added: “The message of the song is that no matter how long you have been with someone, no matter how much money you have or don’t have, no matter your surroundings, both parties have to bring fire and passion into the relationship, coupled with responsibility and the love of God.”

A few lyrics from ‘Jelly Fish’ include: “You got to mix up like salad, orange and lime, scorch up the conch with onion on time, sweet pepper tip with juke in between, coconut water sweet jelly cream all of my lady’s raise your hands high hold your man tight and suck that teeth right when yinna vex.”

Speaking about the song’s title, Sarah said: “We know that could mean more than one thing. However if you are thinking of it from a deep perspective, a jellyfish is a beautiful creature that lives deep in the ocean, most can sting you, some people can eat it. All in all like any relationship with its ups or downs, it is like a jellyfish you can’t step on it, you can’t go around it. You’ve got to get through it.”

Sarah is encouraging Bahamians to visit her Facebook music page www.facebook.com/sarahjfoxmusic click ‘like’ and share the new song.

“I’d love it if the song can be a major success. People can share it on their Facebook pages, listen to it on You Tube and most importantly, download it on iTunes. I am also on the Verve network, so they can check me out on there as well. If I generate enough capital, I will surely have an awesome video for the song,” said Sarah.

Sarah has been contacted by 100Jamz and people should listen out for the plays.

“Much respect to the Musical Programming Director, DJ Xcitement, and Jatonde, The Thunderman, at 100 Jamz,” she said.

Recalling her teenage days as a music artist, Sarah said: “I started recording and touring with The Bahamas National Youth Choir when I was 15, at Compass Point and around the globe. You can see me dancing and singing in their music video ‘Celebrate’ on ZNS which was sponsored by Sir Sidney Poitier.”

Sarah toured as one of the backing vocalists for American singer and actress Vanessa Williams. “I toured throughout the United States and Canada by bus, commercial and private planes, it was really exciting,” she said.
Apart from singing, Sarah works as a art curator at the Johnson Road art gallery, helping out her father, painter, Ulrick W Fox.

“A lot of people love his paintings, he has a new Regatta Boat Series out now,” she said.

She has a home recording studio, and is always thinking about music. “I love getting my daughter and son involved in the music. My daughter is actually on the ‘Jelly Fish’ recording, she can be heard in the beginning of the song saying “You don’t ever have to cry you don’t ever have to be alone.” My son is an up and coming underwater photographer, he took the jellyfish cover shot with me in the Junkanoo Head Piece underwater at Orange Hill. It is exciting, I want to give a major shout out to the people that support Bahamian artists, keep it up,” said Sarah.

Sarah loves Bahamian music and is proud to be a Bahamian. She is working on making music based on Bahamian roots and culture as well as Junkanoo and Rake ‘n’ Scrape.

“In the song I incorporated a Junkanoo break down and used Rake ‘n’ Scrape throughout. My upcoming songs involve the Bay Street tuba and goatskin drums along with Junkanoo horns and violins. I am working with the rudiments of Junkanoo in the basis of the works with guitars and keyboards. It excites me,” said Sarah.


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