Policeman flown to Nassau after being hit by bottle

A 31-year-old police officer was flown into Nassau today for medical treatment after he was attacked by a group of men at a bar in Bimini.

The incident happened around midnight on Thursday.

According to Sergeant Miller, attached to Bimini's Alice Town Police Station, the detective was with a group of men leaving the establishment when he was involved in an altercation.

"Information is that around 12pm the officer was leaving the Beach Club, where there was a karaoke celebration and was getting into a van to go to the ferry, when he was hit in his head with a bottle," Sgt Miller said.

"The bottle came from somewhere in the crowd. We received some reports that there may have been altercation, some pushing and shoving, between a Defence Force Officer and a man in the crowd which may have led to the altercation. As a result of the bottle being thrown, the officer received very serious injuries to his head and was taken to the local clinic where he was treated. However, because of the extent of his injuries he was flown into New Providence today to receive further treatment."

The condition of the officer is unknown at this time.

However, Sgt Miller said police have five men in custody, between the ages of 24-35, in connection with the matter.

Investigations are continuing.


PWGenesis 9 years ago

Mr Speaker I submit the following to curb down and jostle the increasing plaque of crime in the islands in the sun. Initiate a "Gun buy back" program or start an amnesty for a period to last not longer than "90 days" and take guns of the streets, using various churches as a backdrop. Also start neighborhood curfews and put "A visible Foot policemen on every street and investigation as to set up a databank as to where these "weapons" i.e guns are coming from and by whom. Also offer a Reward for all murders and put a moving truck in the communities that broadcast the information and keep confidentiality of all who give up information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thugs. Mr Speaker whats your view?


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