Memorable Moments From 40 Years Of History


Sir Lynden O. Pindling

INDEPENDENCE, a new flag, a national anthem, Jumbey 73 - these are among the milestones as we continue out countdown to the 40th Anniversary of Independence with the first part of our flashback to 40 memorable independence moments.

  1. In December 1972, The Government headed by Prime Minister Lynden Pindling and the Opposition headed by Sir Kendal Isaacs led a delegation to London to discuss the Independence Constitution.
  2. The surviving framers of the Constitution of the Bahamas’ constitution are: Sir Arthur Foulkes, The Honourable Arthur D. Hanna, Sir Orville Turnquest, The Honourable A Loftus Roker, George A Smith and The Honourable Philip M Bethel. Deceased signatories included Sir Lynden Pindling, Sir Milo Butler, The Honourable Paul L. Adderley Sir Clement Maynard, The Honourable Carlton E. Francis, Sir Kendal Isaacs, The Honourable Cadwell C. Armbrister, The Honourable Henry J. Bowen and The Honourable Norman S. Solomon.
  3. On April 2, 1973, the Minister of Home Affairs, the Hon RF Anthony Roberts, announced in the House of Assembly that the Bahamas had a new flag.
  4. March On, Bahamaland is the national anthem of the Bahamas. It was composed by Timothy Gibson and adopted in 1973.
  5. The Police Band’s album titled “March on Bahamaland” contains the first recording ever of the Bahamas National Anthem. This album was produced in 1973 at the Ace recording Studios in Miami, Florida.
  6. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by Rev Dr Phillip Rahming.
  7. There was a national competition to produce the motto for the coat of arms, and the competition was won by two 11-year-old schoolchildren – Vivian F Moultrie of Inagua Public School and Melvern B. Bowe of the Government High School in Nassau. Bahamian artist Hervis Bain prepared the preliminary design of the coat of arms.
  8. God Bless Our Sunny Clime is the national song of the Bahamas. It was written by Rev Dr Phillip Rahming and composed by the late Timothy Gibson and the late Clement Bethel.
  9. The Bahamas sent its first delegation to the Carifta Games in May 1973.
  10. The new Bahamian Museum at Jumbey Village, which was funded by the students and teachers of the Bahamas, was dedicated to the Nation on May 6, 1973.
  11. Bahamasair began operations on June 7, 1973.
  12. On June 20, 1973, the 

Carlton E Francis Minister of Development, signed an order establishing the Industrial Park.
  13. The Bahamas Independence Secretariat was responsible for the Independence celebrations of 1973. The chairman was George Smith, who was the Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister. He was assisted by Harold A Munnings who was the co-ordinator.
  14. The Independence celebrations also had an Advisory Council. Lynden Pindling was the Chairman.
  15. Many talented Bahamians were given the chance to head committees for the Independence Celebrations. These included Clement Bethel for Folklore and Music, Hervis Bain, Patrick Rahming and James Rolle for Arts and Crafts, Bishop Michael Eldon for Poetry, Essay and Drama, Horace Wright for the Float Parade and Gus Cooper for Track and Field.
  16. The government of The Bahamas spent some $2,000,000 on independence celebrations.
  17. South Andros was the first Island visited by Lynden Pindling on his island hopping Independence Tour.
  18. There was an Independence Basketball tournament June 29-July 5 held at C I Gibson Gym.
  19. From July 8 to 14, a National Arts and Crafts Exhibition was held at Jumbey Village. James Rolle served as the Chairman and Hervis Bain was the Co-Chairman of this event. Following this “Jumbey 73”, a National Festival of arts was also held at the Village.
  20. The theme of the Independence Regatta was either scenes from Bahamian History or a scene depicting the spirit of Independence. Horace Wright served as the chairman of this event. The Independence Regatta was held July 5-7 in New Providence.

TOMORROW: A central bank and Independence Day.

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