We Must Connect As One People

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The negative and agonising impact of crime in our country can be felt throughout the archipelago, and – it is the number one subject among residents. The solution to it is found among us. We must connect as one people to resolve this national menace. This means that neighbours must get to know each other and their respective communities.

If we are not familiar with our next door neighbour, and if we don’t communicate and look out for one another – then we are part of the crime problem – my people.

The criminals are feasting on our disunity, selfishness and indifference. We must resolve to unite and fight the unconscionable criminal elements in our midst, or dog will continue to eat our lunch.

We know now, that there is no political organisation and their partisans in The Bahamas who are capable of solving our crime challenges alone. If a political party tells us that they have the exclusive answer to solving the nation’s crime situation, we know that that’s a stale lie. If any political leader in these islands is not talking about a unified front to tackle crime, then – do not vote for them and their party, my brothers and sisters. If they are not preaching harmony in correcting so many of our social ills, do not vote for them.

The Progressive Liberal Party alone does not have the answer; nor does the Free National Movement (FNM) or the wannabe Democratic National Alliance (DNA) – for that matter.
Political tribalism and cannibalism are deeply imbedded in our culture; and the criminals love us for it. We better flush them out of our system quick, and come together for the prosperous future of our great nation, and unborn citizens.

Wake up my Bahamian people and consider yourselves Bahamians first; not PLP first, or FNM first, or DNA first. The problem is half solved when we put our Bahamas and its rich tomorrow first – in my view. Then, we must hold those whom we elect to parliament fully accountable.

If they tell us that they have the solutions to crime during election time, then – they better do; or have their bags packed when the next election season comes around – because, we are voting their lying azzes out. It’s as simple as that my brothers and sisters.



June 10, 2013.


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