Judge Directs Jury To Acquit Man Of Armed Robbery, Kidnapping Charges


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A JUDGE directed a Supreme Court jury to unanimously acquit a man of armed robbery and kidnapping charges yesterday.

Senior Justice Jon Isaacs, having been in eight days of private discussions with the prosecution and defence, directed the jury to acquit Kendal Lord of the two charges concerning the October 3, 2011 incident that allegedly occurred in Marathon Estates.

The accused, before any evidence could be heard, contested the charges on the basis that the confession in the case was obtained through oppressive means following his arrest in November 2011.

Yesterday afternoon, the eight days of private discussions in the jury’s absence concluded when Senior Justice Isaacs called the jury in and directed them to acquit Lord of the charges.

The Tribune spoke with Lord’s attorney, Glendon Rolle, who spoke about the outcome of the case and the alleged background surrounding his client being in custody since his arrest at the Wulff Road police station.

“The defendant in this matter was actually taken into custody from his home. And as a result, ended up with 14 different cases all range from armed robbery, rape, kidnapping, a grocery list of charges.”

“Subsequently of his arrest, he was interviewed by numerous different officers and as a result of those interviews, within a three day period with over 14 separate charges and 33 counts.”

“Today proves that justice still prevails in this country and the evidence here seems to not have weight. The unfair treatment, the oppression while persons are in custody will not have weight,” Mr Rolle said.

The lawyer emphasised that Lord’s freedom from oppression, as noted in Article 19(2) of the Bahamas Constitution was breached and “as a result of that, he was set free.”

Last Monday, June 10, Lord was discharged of an armed robbery and rape case he had faced when the Crown presented a nolle prosequi moments before the armed robbery and kidnapping matter was called for trial.

In March of this year before Justice Vera Watkins, Lord’s Halloween Night triple-armed robbery case was discontinued as the Crown presented a nolle prosequi signed by the Attorney General asking that the matter be discontinued.

Seeing the document, Justice Watkins obliged the order and informed the accused that the case against him was being discontinued.

However, the judge told the accused that the Crown, if it chose, could bring the matter back to court at any time. Lord was represented by Romona Farquharson-Seymour at the time.

Lord has a number of cases coming up, though Mr Rolle is confident that his client will succeed in contesting them.

Anthony Delaney, Algernon Allen II and Lanell Williams represented the Crown in the armed robbery and kidnapping case.

Rolle was assisted by Shervaugn Gay.

Lord was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison because of his other matters before the courts.


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