Minister Urges Graduates To Continue Learning

MINISTER of Education, Science and Technology Jerome Fitzgerald was the guest speaker at the 2013 graduation ceremony of St Andrew’s School.

Borrowing a quote from best-selling author Joyce Meyer, Mr Fitzgerald told the 56 International Baccalaureate (IB) learners that they were prime examples of “the power of preparation”.

He reminded the graduates of the aim of the IB programme, which is to develop internationally minded people who recognise their common humanity, shared guardianship of the planet, and help to create a better and more peaceful world.

Mr Fitzgerald pointed out that the programme has alerted the graduates to the possible place that they can serve in the global community.

He asked the 2013 graduates to remember that first, preparation equips us to move confidently into the future. Secondly, preparation empowers us to use our strengths to better the world around us and ourselves.

Last, preparation evolves us into becoming lifelong learners.

“You see graduates, just because you have obtained formal education, does not mean that your education is over.

“You will not learn every thing from a book. Some of your knowledge will come from observation and on-the-job training”, he said.

Mr Fitzgerald encouraged the graduates to get properly prepared to advance to their next level of education or chosen career.

Graduate Anna Deal was the 2013 class valedictorian. She received four subject prizes at the ceremony.

Anna intends to study at the University of California, Berkeley, campus.

Gabrielle Greene captured the Principal’s Award.

The Judy Maura Outstanding Student Award was given to Byran Woodside II.

Rajahl Moxey and Alison Ferguson won the Hurricanes Award for Extra-Curricular Sports.

Alexander Hawkins received the Michael Pintard Creative Writing Award and Falon Williams obtained the Rhode Island Visual Arts Award.


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