Swimming championships underway

THE Bahamas Swimming Federation’s Royal Bank of Canada National Swimming Championship got underway at the Betty Kelly Kenning Swim Complex last night.

The Nationals will continue 9am today with the morning session. The evening session will pick up at 7pm. The same format will follow on Saturday before the meet wraps up on Sunday.

Here’s a look at the top three finishers in some of the events contested:

Girls 8 & Under 200

LC Meter IM

Liya Moncur, SWIFT, 3:21.57

Salene Gibson, Barracuda, 3:28.52

Abayomi Brown, Freeport, 3:28.96

Boys 8 & Under 200 LC Meter IM

Nigel Forbes, Freeport, 3:13

Brayden Dam, Abaco Swim Club, 3:14.75

Marvin Johnson, Marvin,

Blue Marlins, 3:15.54

Girls 9-10 200 LC Meter IM

Cecily Bowe, SWIFT, 3:03.40

Anya MacPhail, SWIFT, 3:05.61

Jewel Pinder, Abaco Swim Club, 3:05.99

Boys 9-10 200 LC Meter IM

Davante Carey, Barracuda, 2:51.59

Mark Thompson, SWIFT, 2:56.05

Trent Albury, SWIFT, 2:59.54

Girls 11-12 200 LC Meter IM

Zoe McCarroll, Dolphins, 2:42.63

Amber Pinder, Barracuda, 2:48.28l

Sian Longley, Barracuda, 2:48.48

Girls 13-14 200 LC Meter IM

Albury Higgs, SWIFT, 2:37.54

Andreas Weech, Alpha Aquatics, 2:42.62

Simone Sturrup,SWIFT, 2:46.84

Girls 15 & Over 200 LC Meter IM

Joanna Evans, SWIFT, 2:30.19

Laura Morley, SWIFT, 2:31.88

Ariel Weech, Alpha Aquatics, 2:36.48

Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter IM

Dustin Tynes, Barracuda, 2:20.78

Keith Lloyd, Sea Bees, 2:21.68

Dionisio Carey, SWIFT, 2:24.99

Boys 8 & Under 200 LC

Meter Freestyle Relay

Abaco Swim, Club 2:54.13 (Maddox Pinder, Noah Albury, Carter Albury, Brayden Dam)

SWIFT, 3:06.23 (Erald Thompson III, Leroy Moncur III, Joshua Dean, Jake Thompson)

Barracuda, 3:11.07 (Hodari Prince, Amauri Bonamy, Reis Knowles, Sean Longley)

Girls 13-14 800 LC Meter Freestyle

Albury Higgs, SWIFT, 10:27.54

Tremaine Allen, SWIFT, 10:37

Christina Pyfrom, Abaco

Swim Club, 10:57.25

Girls 15 & Over 800 LC Meter Freestyle

Joanna Evans, SWIFT, 8:59.49

Miriam Crispo, Barracuda, 10:10.51

Abigail Lowe, Barracuda, 10:49.00

Girls 11-12 200 LC Meter

Freestyle Relay

SWIFT, 1:59.47 (Victoria Russell, Arielle Adderley, Lauren Albury, Celia Campbell)

Barracuda, 2:09.06 (Amber Pinder, Charlotte Reed, Sian Longley, Virginia Stamp)

ORCA, 2:17.70 (Vashley Armbrister, Reagan Farrington, Arleisha Clarke, Helena Ferguson)

Girls 13-14 200 LC Meter

Freestyle Relay

SWIFT, 1:57.64 (Maya Thompson, Tremaine Allen, Albury Higgs, Simone Sturrup)

Alpha Aquatics, 2:09.13 (Nia Scriven, Andreas Weech, Sasha Wallace-Whitfield, Maya Bowe)

Sea Bees, 2:12. (Keitra Lloyd, Malia Major, Eliana Taylor Gabrielle McDonald)

Boys 13-14 200 LC Meter

Freestyle Relay

Alpha, 1:42.58 (Jared Fitzgerald, Alexander Encinar, Miller Albury, Michael Hernandez)

Barracuda, 1:50.18 (Gershwin Greene, N’Nhyn Fernander, Cameron Riley, Tyrique Cox)

SWIFT, 1:58.60 (Alec Sands, Nicholas Rahming, Ashton Knowles-Major, Clement Bowe)


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