Renewable provider proposes solar for 25% BEC needs


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A BAHAMIAN renewable provider has presented the Government with an “energy mix” proposal to allow for 25 per cent of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s (BEC) daytime generating capacity to be derived from solar power.

Philip Holdom, executive manager of Alternative Power Supply (APS), told Tribune Business that if the Government failed to enact the proper legislation to facilitate such projects, it would be the death of the renewable energy sector.

Encouraging the Government to 100 per cent privatise electricity generation in the Bahamas, Mr Holdom said APS’s proposal involved BEC taking 30 mega watts (MW) of solar energy by 2015.

The proposal calls for 30MW, or 25 per cent, of BEC’s generating capacity to be derived from solar energy. This is broken down into 10 MW from independent power producers (IPPs) in New Providence; 15 MW from medium to large businesses generating their own excess energy, and 5 MW from residential and small businesses.

“We gave the Government a proposal to create power for the daytime load up to 25 per cent of the capacity of BEC. The reason you can’t do more is because of their generators; you can’t take too much load off of them or they don’t operate properly. You can do about 30 per cent of a generator’s load,” said Mr Holdom.

He added that net metering legislation, as called for in APS’s proposal, must be enacted. The submission calls for all systems to be net metered via a 20-year customer net metering arrangement.

“We must have net metering legislation. It won’t work without addressing the meters,” Mr Holdom said. “There are two different types of meters on this island.

“They are both bi-directional, but they are not programmed to be bi-directional, so you cannot get credit for the excess energy you produce. It’s important that they buy the electricity from the person that spends the money to install the solar system.”

He added: “When you make solar energy you need to be compensated at the same price BEC is charging. BEC would say that they will only buy it back and at an offset cost, which is the cost of the fuel, and which is completely disingenuous because the fuel cost is paid by the customer. They want to buy it at the fuel cost and then they’re charging you for the fuel cost.”


VDSheep 10 years, 5 months ago

Bahamas future needs a bipartisan understanding (agreement) between all political parties and the Bahamian people. We ought to look at Bahamian future in 20 - 50 and 100 years plans. Our leaders has developed policies and plans for the country in slots of five years since colonial days. If the Bahamas is going to move forward - politicians need to get away from their silly five year planning syndrome! They have centralized the country - based on the seat of government in Nassau, New Providence. The fact that New Providence has reached it's limit in terms of population and investment bears true to life. We must diversify the country in development, investment trade, population etc. The Bahamas has enormous potential for growth in areas outside of New Providence. Bring in foreign investments in the various energy fields and train Bahamians in collage and university in the disciplines of:
geothermal, Oil, Natural gas, Wind, Solar, Tidal, Hydroelectric power from current through cuts (underwater turbine) and make no mistake about it -
Hydrogen energy will be the way of the future!


superUser 10 years, 5 months ago

Another foreigner telling us what to do, you don't see these articles from Bahamian experts in the industry - the government wont listen to the Bahamian, because ofcourse foreign is always better to the PLP and FNM, and to the Tribune.

"Licensed U.S. Builder for 10 years promoting Green Home Building and Energy Efficiency." Good luck with that.


concernedcitizen 10 years, 5 months ago

mr/mrs lived in 10 countries,no cell phone ,,it said a Bahamian renewable provider, where did you get "another foreigner telling us what to do " .....the computer you are using was built by foreigners ,perhaps you should abstain until you aquire a 100% bahamian built computer ..man your like Pavlos dog , i can nearly predict your post before you post them ,,,blah blah blah foreign ,blah blah blah backside ,blah blah blah FNM raped the economy ,blah blah slaves and minions ,,blah blah PLP wutless too ,,blah blah toliet paper traitors ,,,,,,,,,,lmfao


superUser 10 years, 5 months ago

It is now clear that you have a brain the size of a peanut, or you are really just that dumb and illiterate.

Holdom is a foreigner that came down here to do this Solar work. linkedin.com/pub/philip-holdom/47/a0a...

In other words my little clueless minion, he is not Bahamian. There is nothing wrong with that since he allegedly has a licensed local business and contributes to the local economy. But for those that can actually understand the English language - the problem is not him, its you and the other Traitors that treat your fellow Bahamians as Stupid Dumb Animals - face it, you will listen to a foreigners word like its gold, but throw a Bahamian under the bus (figuratively speaking). You will remain the problem until you stand up and actually support your fellow Bahamians - and as in ANY country, I am of course talking about those that can actually do the work right.

PS. I built my computer from scratch - same as Dell, HP, and Apple "build" their products. Nice try though, "Boat Captain".


concernedcitizen 10 years, 5 months ago

mr/mrs @super, I douth you are a truthful person ,as you have claimed to have resided in ten countries and to not using a cell phone ,now you claim to have built your own computer ,did you also manufacture the chip ..i think you have a problem with facts and are starting to come across as a bar room big shot ..surely you have not resided in 10 countries ,don,t use a cell phone and built a computer.I find one of these hard to believe and i would put my net worth on the line that all three of them are far from factual and purely childish fantasies ,,, None the less the lengths you will go to as you throw common sense and your integrity by the wayside are slightly entertaining ....


totherisingsun 9 years, 2 months ago

Mr. Holdom is Bahamian. They come in all shapes, sizes, education levels and colors. Is it not possible that Bahamians go away for higher education and come back home?


karina 9 years, 9 months ago

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