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EDITOR, The Tribune.

“When I saw Torres buy the property, and then he came in with vision a vision to change it significantly to integrate it into a real resort, to build, to expand.” – The Tribune, July 31, 2012

In May of last year when the PLP came to office, Mr. Sidney Torres, the former New Orleans’s garbage collection tycoon and former personal assistant to Lenny Kravitz, had already purchased the Gregory Town Cove resort and already signed the contracts for its expansion.

Mr Torres, who was introduced to The Bahamas by Grammy Award winner, Lenny Kravitz, purchased the Cove resort in early 2011, under the FNM Administration.

The FNM Government also approved several land purchases for Mr Kravitz, whose maternal grandfather, Albert Roker, was an Inaguan.

Mr Torres originally bought the Cove resort for his personal use but later decided to expand the property and maintain it as a boutique resort.

No, Mr Christie, your Government had absolutely nothing to do with the initiation of this project just like it had nothing to do with the initiation of the new Hutchinson Reef resort project in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Mr Ingraham and the FNM should be credited for both developments and the additional 200 jobs at the Cove and 1,000 jobs at the Reef resorts.



March 3, 2013.


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