Sketch To Debut ‘Colourful, Fun & Sexy’ Music Videos


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AFTER reaching a career milestone, multi- talented Bahamian artist Chris “Sketch” Carey is back at it, preparing for the release new music in the coming weeks. A few weeks ago, the singer, songwriter and producer, opened a local concert for Grammy award winning artist R Kelly, one of the biggest artists to ever perform in the Bahamas.  

His performance during “A Celebration of Love” concert was met by adoration from fans, who wined and gyrated when he belt out the words to hits like “Wine For Your Man”, which is currently circulating on the airwaves.

“They called me and it was pretty much last minute, about four days before the actual show. And I said to them lets do this. That was an opportunity and I did not want to lose out. Now I can put on my resume that I worked with and opened a show with R Kelly. I also met him. It was a great opportunity,” he told In Ya Ear.

After the concert Sketch directed his attention to working on a video for “Wine For Your Man” and a new song, “The Perfect Storm”. The Wine For Your Man video is completed and will be released in a few weeks. No release date has been set for

“The Perfect Storm” as Sketch is still working on the video.

Both videos are produced by Farreno Ferguson.

“Wine For Your Man” was shot on Potters Cay Dock. It is home grown and that was how I wanted it to be. The pictures are great and the video looks very mainstream. The video is definitely colourful, fun and sexy. The energy was just right. I just wanted to do something down home, with a party flavour,” he said.

“I wanted the video to be global so that when it is presented to an executive or a label, they will be like, yo I want to use that. You can see that on MTV,” he told In Ya Ear.

Wine For Your Man was released earlier this year. Sketch teamed up with Mdeez for the club song which fuses elements of reggae, hip hop and R&B.

“When I did the song I thought of doing something that was Caribbean and mainstream at the same time. I wanted to branch off with some reggae elements with hip hop influences and fuse it to make it a mainstream record. I came up with that old school reggae kind of feel.”

The Perfect Storm is different from Wine For Your Man, Sketch said. “The Perfect Storm is strictly R&B and showcases Sketch’s vocal range much more.

“It is definitely a very sexy record. It is completely different from Wine. It’s got R&B and it showcases my vocals a lot more. It was actually sampled from a Tupac record. The video will also be very sexy too. There is a warehouse kind of scene with candlelights, thunder and lightening effects. There is also a bed that constantly rotates in the video,” Sketch said.

The two songs will featured on the extended play album “Eargasm”. The album will consist of five tracks.


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