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BECAUSE of this walk/march and the possibly violent and unruly behavior ON Bay Street, the cruise ships are advising their passengers to STAY ON BOARD THE SHIP TODAY WHILE IN NASSAU!

There will be lots of FREE FUN AND SAFE activities on board for them to do. Not to mention that the Chinese Flee market stuff sold on Bay Street and the jewellery can be purchased in the NEXT SAFE PORT!!! People need to realise that every time they march on Parliament and Rawson Square out tourists see it, film it, YouTube it and put it on Facebook.

All we need is something stupid to happen, either by someone who is demonstrating or by the police and it goes World Wide Web!


JACKFLASH didn’t mention that the tourists who remain on the ship can also gamble... and if Bahamians are on the ship they can also gamble! And that is what this is also about. Bahamians are being hoodwinked and bamboozled... and he seems to be in favour of being sold out... Elections shoulda been today!!!


JOHN, you are wrong.

All cruise ship casinos and slots are closed while in port by law, including when they are anchored or adrift one of our Bahamain island stops. Shops are also closed by law.

Food and activities are all all open.


SIR Milo’s bust is about to tumble over from all Darold’s rebuking in the name of God, that is now blowing over he head?

The biggest rebuke is how this “protest” was to “march” across the Sidney Poitier Bridge? Who was it that put the fear of God into Darold, not to even mention Paradise Island at his protest/march/walk?

No wonder this, or whatever it’s now being billed as, lacks any meaningful focus?

Why is it that not a whisper out their mouths about the City Meat Market workers not getting paid they monies? I can see why the crowd was small yesterday and is small again this morning. Maybe has something to do about where or who ya hearts really care about?

Even the radio news is still calling this a “protest” against the government’s licensing of casino’s internet gambling. Not some pretend “walk” for the every day issues facing so many Bahamians, who are really struggling and need paycheques. Yes, black and white Bahamians are struggling.

Tal Russell

YOU hit the nail on the head w/ city markets, can you imagine if that was Kellys, PGC and Gibson would be outside w/ placards, this is the numbers man march and yes Tals white and black Bahamians are hurtin, not all conchy joes are rich, it seems when the PLP and now the numbers man get in scraps they resort to the poverbial strawman ‘the foreigner,’ in a country that depends on foreigners to eat - that’s a dangerous policy


SCARY when the “walk’ message is telling black Bahamians, it’s best if they just pack up and leave Nassau Town, cause the foreigners done own it and there’s nothing left for them? To leave Nassau Town and head to the Islands to stake out their claim for Crown lands?

I would really have preferred to hear a more positive message, encouraging Bahamaland’s sitting government to promote economic growth for all of Bahamaland, by becoming a visible force behind “freeeEnterprise,” not more government taxpayers’ jobs, thus creating family sustaining paycheck opportunities, not using Crown lands as just another social assistance programme?

I can tell you this. Comrade Milo never relied upon no government’s social assistance. You may be standing next to Sir Milo’s bust but he never told Bahamians to give up on their Nassau Town? He looked around and he worked to uplift the paychecks of white and black.

This my comrades is the only equal opportunity Bahamaland, we all had better be as prepared and willing to work at, while being as colour blind as our Milo.

Tal Russell


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