Readers Rate Plp With A Grade F


Perry Christie

INTERNET users have graded the PLP a resounding ‘F’ after the government’s first year in office since the May 2012 General Election.

We asked users on our website www.tribune242.com ‘after one year in office, what grade would you give the PLP government?’

Of the 1017 votes cast by 6pm last night, 87 per cent said ‘F’; Five per cent said ‘E’; 4.5 per cent graded them ‘D’; 1.5 graded ‘B’ while A and C each garnered one per cent.

Tomorrow, it will be one year since Perry Christie led the Progressive Liberal Party to victory. The PLP made a number of promises, some of which were to be completed within 100 days of a win, others due in the course of the party’s term in office.

The Tribune is examining these issues this week as we put the PLP’s first year under the spotlight.

• Has the government delivered on their pledges over immigration, National Insurance, the economy, crime, education, health, transportation and the digital age?

• Last April, the now Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis said: “Vote for a PLP government that is ready to create 10,000 immediate new jobs for young Bahamians.”

What has the record been on employment?

• What happened to the opposition in the wake of their defeat by the PLP?

IF you have an opinion on the PLP’s successes or failures, please contact Paul Turnquest on 322-1986 or email newsroom@tribunemedia.net and share your views.


Concerned 8 years, 7 months ago

No surprise to me at all:

  • Urban Renewal 2.0. Yes it got started but they fired people to replace them with PLP

  • Ministry of Grand Bahama - Yes, but only a ministry in words with a lousy minister

  • Mortgage Relief - Yes, but a complete failure with no one benefiting

  • Gambling Referendum - Yes, but a national embarrassment

  • Buy Back BTC - Complete failure when they already knew it could not be done

  • Decrease Stamp Tax - Yes in certain areas but no real benefit for the masses

  • Review of Financial Services - Okay, so they reviewed it - now what?

Everything about this government has been a complete failure or just a smoke screen to cover up other colossal failures. They taking credit for investment projects that had clearly started construction even before this government came into power. PLP government, as usual, has been plagued with controversies and corruptions. Every cabinet minister appears to be prime minister, except for the prime minister himself. Ministers are shooting their mouths off in the media on matters that don't concern them and the prime minister's favorite line is "I am not aware of that". I wouldn't say we're doomed but I will say that we need a lot of prayers to make it through this storm.


John 8 years, 7 months ago

da real grade is "G' ungraded...I was listening to a popular talk show host recently when a school girl called in and said she wanted to congratulate her school freind who ran a race in school sports. So the talk show host asked the caller "what did your friend come in the race?' and the caller , with out hesitation said "7th!!" After that there was a loud 'thud' on the radio (obviously he dropped his mkie) and then complete silence for more than the minute. Then the talk show host came back on air. he was struggling to maintain his composture.In fact he was dying with laughter but he managed to ask the caller 'what did your friend come in the race again?' and so she replied, almost proudly. "7th"..then the talk show hoststill laughing outta control, but trying to contain himself asked, :do they really count that far back in a race these days?.. and the caller said 'yes and I think my friend did good!." and again the airwaves went dead... so now gettin back to rating the PLP...go figure


Ironvelvet 8 years, 7 months ago

Too often these days we accept mediocrity for the saving of feelings. Failures leads to future success in the strong willed. Strong will and leadership does not grow from applauding mediocrity.


bismark 8 years, 7 months ago

''It is what it is''......................that is what you would expect from our prime minister when questioned,lord help us,we need it!


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