No Tiger On The Loose, Say Police


Tribune Staff Reporter


REPORTS of a Siberian tiger “running wild” around Long Island have been dismissed by local police, with authorities confirming they are only investigating the sighting of a large animal they expect could either be a “huge cat” or “domestic dog.”

Supt Lindy Knowles said “it isn’t a tiger,” and dubbed the swirling reports, “rumours” that have been “blown out of proportion”.

He said in the north of the island – near Seymour’s and the Columbus Monument – an American man reported seeing a large black animal, standing about two and a half feet tall.

Supt Knowles said the man, who is a vet, does not believe he saw a tiger.

“He saw it about 150 yards from where he was,” Supt Knowles said. “He said it was probably a huge cat... He said he’s a vet and it’s no tiger.”

Regardless, after the incident was initially reported on Friday, police went to the location to “check it out,” Supt Knowles said.

He added officials from the Department of Agriculture are also scheduled to do another check in the area.

Supt Knowles said he is still waiting on the final report from the witness, but at present police believe they are only investigating the appearance of a big cat or domestic dog.

Yesterday, reports were swirling on social media over the alleged appearance of a tiger on Long Island that reportedly arrived on a boat belonging to Russians.

Worried Bahamians posted items such as: “There’s a tiger on the loose in Long Island... I running back to Freeport.”

And: “The Russian come drop off this tiger in Long Island and was like bye... basically.”

Another woman said: “I hope they don’t kill the tiger that’s loose in Long Island.”

A man reported: “Tiger is loose and running wild in Long Island.”

Another local said: “Rumours coming in... Tiger loose on Long Island. Apparently it jumped off a Russian boat? Who to believe?”


Concerned 4 years, 11 months ago

My God couldn't the police come up with a better story. So it wasn't a tiger but hey don't worry, it's some large animal in the cat family like a cougar, leopard, bob cat or jaguar and it's much better to get eaten by them than by a tiger. Oh, wait it's a 3 feet tall dog. Oh that's much better. He's not worried about biting your throat like a large cat, he will just want to use your thigh like ham bone and chew on it for a while.


positiveinput 4 years, 11 months ago

as serious as your comment is, it still cracking me up lmoa, good one


jackflash 4 years, 11 months ago

I once looked a catamaran to buy in Florida in the 1980s called Catouse.

I looked in an area of the boat ad thi big cat eyes were looking back at me. I thouht it was a tiger or something and then the owner said, Oh don't worry that's just my Osilote(spelling)

A Florida Osolote, looks like a big spoted cat.

Maybe the same guy was criuising and it jumped ship...


concernedcitizen 4 years, 11 months ago

oh no, lions and tigers and things ,,,,,lol


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