Mother Tells Court: I Changed My Life After Having Marco


MARCO Archer’s mother Tryphemia Meadows told a court she changed her life for the better after having her son as she resumed testimony under cross-examination yesterday.

Ms Meadows referred to her life change several times as she responded to Kofhe Goodman’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson’s suggestions that she had given false testimony in the Supreme Court.

Ms Meadows said: “No, I changed my life because of Marco. I changed my life for him. I lived a better life than I did before he was born. I had him at 40 and I wanted to do better with him. I put down the bad things and pick up good things.”

Ms Meadows was responding to suggestions by Mr Farquharson that she made up parts of her testimony. Goodman, 37, of Yorkshire Drive, faces a murder charge, which he denies. It is claimed that between September 23 and 28 of 2011, he caused the death of Marco Archer who disappeared from Brougham Street and was found dead days later.

Yesterday, Mr Farquharson began his cross-examination by contesting Ms Meadows’ initial statement to police, in which she indicated that Marco had come home at 3pm. He said she could not have known the exact time Marco left school, and could only assume.

Ms Meadows admitted that she was not in the right frame of mind at the time, and restated that Marco had come home from his sister’s house at Claridge Road after 4pm. On further questioning from Mr Farquharson, Ms Meadows said it was after 4.30pm but before 5pm.

Referring to testimony given by Marco’s sister Valkeisha Archer that the 11-year-old left her home at 4.30pm to go to Brougham Street, Mr Farquharson questioned how Marco could have returned home before 5pm given his mode of transportation.

He also asked why Ms Meadows did not tell police about Valkeisha’s time in her initial statement to police.

Ms Meadows said she did not tell police about that time because they did not ask, and she was preoccupied with other details such as his clothing and last whereabouts.

Ms Meadows maintained that her son returned home before 5pm. Asked how she could be sure Marco always came straight home from school and his sister’s house, Ms Meadows said she “trusted her son”.

Ms Meadows said: “He said he would come home, the type of child he is he doesn’t go no place without letting me know.”

During his cross-examination, Mr Farquharson also accused Ms Meadows of giving a false account of when Marco got the scar under his left eye.

Ms Meadows said he got the scar when he “fell down” as a baby.

Mr Farquharson said: “That is false and I’m putting it to you that you know it’s false. You gave a photo of the child to police, that photo showed no evidence of the scar under the child’s eye.

Mr Farquharson said the scar was a “prominent feature to distinguish the child” and also asked why it was not mentioned to the press?

Ms Meadows said: “Why would I lie?”

Mr Farquharson quizzed Ms Meadows about the relationship between Marco and her fiance Benson Baptiste.

Ms Meadows said: “[Marco] was just like his son because me and him was together when Marco was only seven months old.”

Ms Meadows will take the stand again on Monday.


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