Roberts: Audit Exposed Another Fnm Mess


Bradley Roberts


Tribune Staff Reporter


PLP CHAIRMAN Bradley Roberts said yesterday that the NIB Forensic Audit exposed another “FNM mess” the PLP is now forced to has to clean up.

In a statement, Mr Roberts said FNM leader Dr Minnis and chairman Darron Cash can “prance up and down” and deflect all they want, but the FNM is culpable and must accept responsibility and be held accountable for the NIB mess.

“There is no acceptance of responsibility, no public apology or gesture of atonement on the part of the FNM leadership, only distractions away from this major failure in their governance,” he said.

“It was none other than Hubert Ingraham who gloated to a Nassau Guardian reporter that the NIB scandal was the making of the PLP and washed his hands when he boasted: ‘I hired Cargill, I thought he did a wonderful job at NIB. We left the place in good shape.’ The jury is now in, Mr Ingraham and his Cabinet’s stewardship of the people’s monies were weighed in the balance and he and his cabinet were found to be woefully wanting.”

Mr Roberts said Dr Minnis should be embarrassed by his constant flip flopping and should also be held culpable. He also said the FNM cannot criticise the PLP for “wasting money” when former government wasted millions of the people’s money.

He said: “ The fact is Dr Minnis sat around the cabinet table when the National Insurance Act was violated . . . Dr Minnis is culpable and must account to the Bahamian people.

“As for Darron Cash, most Bahamians by now have dismissed him as lacking credibility. It is inexcusable and unbelievable that a purported professional accountant would see nothing wrong with the obvious lack of corporate governance and wanton disregard for standard accounting practices as reported in the NIB audit.

“The FNM and their apologists have no moral authority to criticise the PLP over costs because it was none other than Hubert Ingraham who in his infinite wisdom used the public treasury to finance not one but two commissions of inquiry where the FNM brought in foreign commissioners to the tune of millions of dollars.

“The PLP supports the Prime Minister’s decision to engage an independent auditor to review NIB accounts, as the process was transparent and free of political interference, giving the process and results greater credibility.”

Mr Roberts said the PLP remains confident that under the leadership of both Shane Gibson and Fr James Moultrie, the appropriate measures will be put in place to safeguard the assets of NIB and restore public trust and confidence in one of our most important institutions.”


B_I_D___ 7 years ago

Restore the public trust...under the PLP the NIB was losing money...under the FNM and Cargill, they turned it around and into profit. Bonuses aside, Mr. Cargill did was he was hired to do, cleaned up shop in NIB, ran things by the book, and started putting money in the bank, which thw PLP was unable to do under their watch. By 2017, it will be losing money again and all the PLP pals will have pockets lined with NIB dollars.


concernedcitizen 7 years ago

Mr Roberts is very slick and knows he is appealing to an undereducated highly emotive vvoteing block .....


PWGenesis 7 years ago

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PWGenesis 7 years ago

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bismark 7 years ago

Put a bridle on this wild horse.


smallbiz 7 years ago

Other than referring to the "FNM mess", Roberts does not mention a specific problem. Has anyone been able to point out what the report has shown to be wrong doing on ANYONES behalf? I havent seen anything to that affect yet? Seems to be more smoke and BS on the PLP part


concernedcitizen 7 years ago

despite the fact Roberts is in business w/ the baystreet boys ,he still knows how to talk pure ccrap for the UNDEREDUCATED masses ears


Tarzan 7 years ago

When you waste a million dollars of precious pubic funds on a wild goose chase audit, you have to promise "shocking revelations" when there are none and refer to a "mess" when there was none.

Then you fire the only person who was demonstrably properly doing his job at NIB and turn this public trough over to the political hacks who can't wait to jump in with all four hooves.

What a joke!


proudloudandfnm 7 years ago

In actuality the only one this audit has exposed is Greg Moss. So far he is the only looking like a theif at NIB.


TimeForChange 7 years ago

Its people like Roberts why this country is still in the same spot as it was 40 years ago. When you can sit down and instead of finding a solution to a problem you cast blame on the government who was in office before you then you don't expect for a country to move anywhere. This man needs to stay out of the papers cause nothing that he says makes any sense. The PLP wasted money the whole time they were in office I haven't seen anything that they have done in all the 30 plus years they were running this country.


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