Novice Designer Stages First Solo Show


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BAHAMIAN designer Ria Georgina reached a major milestone last month when designs from her Spring collection debuted during her first solo show at Doongalik Studios.
The Ria Georgina May Soiree featured new pieces inspired by everyday fashion trends that can be mixed and matched.
Ria first introduced herself to the local fashion world at last year’s “Fash|Art . Since participating in the fashion segment of the event she has been working to design colourful pieces that stand out above the competition.
One of the pieces showcased was placed in an auction and will be donated to The Cancer Society of the Bahamas. The auction winner’s name was stitched into the lining, along with the value of their prize money from the event.
“This was my spring collection and there were about 10 pieces that were showcased. Shortly after Fash|Art in November I started sketching the pieces and doing the preliminary work. I started buying the fabrics for the pieces. I wanted to use mostly plaid fabrics for the pieces but I could not find any that really stood out,” she told Tribune Woman.
“I did a lot of separate pieces for the show. I did not want to just create a dress. Instead I played with a lot of shapes. I believe shapes are more functional and can be mixed and matched, which is the reason why I did them,” she said. 
Ria said most of her inspiration for the Spring collection came from current trends. She also paid close attention to what other people were wearing.
“Even though I watched the trends and watched what was wearing, I tried my best to create classic pieces and shapes. For example one of the pieces I created was a flare skirt. A flare skirt is something that will always be around and is something you will always see. Flared skirts are one of those pieces that can go with anything,” she said.
A rule for Ria as an up-and-coming fashion designer is that whenever and wherever she always wears at least one of her own pieces.
“All of the things in the Spring collection are designs I would wear and keep for myself. I try to wear at least one piece. Although I do not ever want to push my personal style on anyone, I make things that I would wear. What is the point of designing clothing and telling people to wear your designs if you would not wear it? And whenever I wear any of my pieces and people come up to me and tell me they like it and want to know where I got it from, I am glad to tell them I make it myself,” she told Tribune Woman.
Ria said her first show was a success because of those who showed support and assisted with the planning. With help of the No-Hit Wonders entertainment group, Ria was able to pull the show off. Now that the event is all over she can breathe a sigh of relief.
“If I had to do it by myself I honestly would not have done the show. I was so terrified of doing it because it seems so much. But if it wasn’t for Rapp Quelle and No Hit Wonders it would have not been a success. They believed in me and in my craft, and it is so good when you have other people who believe in your dream,” she said.
Ria first started making clothing when she was a child. In her spare time she often made a sketch book full of different designs that later turned into functional trendy pieces.
She will continue develop her craft and prepare for the next solo show, which she hopes to turn into an annual event.


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