New Marketing Strategy For The Bahamas Swimming Federation

THE Bahamas Swimming Federation (BSF) has initiated a new marketing strategy to get the best marketing dollar for their swimming competition.

The programme got started with the introduction of John Bull as one of their sponsors as the BSF prepares for the 42nd Royal Bank of Canada’s National Swimming Championships at the Betty Kelly Kenning National Swim Complex June 20-23.

“We are very excited and proud to have John Bull step forward and support the BSF’s new fund-raising initiative,” said former two-time Olympian Nicholas Rees, the new second vice president of the BSF. “This level of support obviously demonstrates John Bulls’ strong commitment to the advancement of not only swimming, but in fact the overall youth development throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

John Bull presented a $7,500 cheque to the BSF and by doing so has pledged its support for the bronze level annual package.

The federation, led by president Algernon Cargill, has created five levels of sponsorship packages available on an annual basis, ranging from $3,000 to $ 50,000 which provides “sponsor partners” with varying degrees of cross marketing opportunities beyond those associated with traditional one off sponsorships.

Duane Roberts, CEO and director of finance at John Bull, said they are indeed pleased to announce its support of the federation.

“Corporate social responsibility remains at the core of who we are as a company and youth development programmes are certainly a major focus,” he said. “We are encouraged by the fact that our support of the swimming federation will contribute to the continued development of over 400 young Bahamian athletes.”

The BSF is in the process of finalising a new strategic plan and a number of new initiatives are expected to be implemented over the course of the year. Corporate partners such as John Bull are expected to form an integral part of the expansion and promotion of swimming in the Bahamas going forward.

Cargill noted that they are also very appreciative of John Bull’s support.

“This level of support demonstrates a commitment to not only the youth of the Bahamas, but a serious corporate responsibility in giving back to the communities in which John Bull does it core business,” he said.

“Moreover, the support of our CCCAN team, the highest level of age group swimming in the Bahamas, demonstrates a further commitment by John Bull in the future of the youth of The Bahamas and the enormous potential that they have as our future leaders.”

The BSF executive team anticipates that John Bull’s support of the annual sponsorship packages will lead to a significant trend for the federation whereby other corporate citizens begin to step forward to take full advantage of this unique opportunity which balances both the social and economic benefits for the sponsor partner as well as the BSF and country as a whole.

Rees added that he feels that a number of socially minded organisations will step forward and follow John Bull’s example as he sees this opportunity as a “win win” for all parties.

“I remember way back when, in the time of the CARIFTA Dollar Days, we would have to not only solicit personal sponsorships for international travel, but we would go out as a team to the various street corners and solicit funds with our five gallon water jugs and buckets,” he said.

“We have come a long way with the help of the various corporate sponsors and the government as well. I would like to personally thank John Bull as a former athlete and on behalf of the federation for stepping up in this way. This really says a lot in terms of their commitment to the social development of young people in the Bahamas.”

Persons interested in obtaining more information about the federation’s sponsorship packages may contact Rees directly via email at nrees@hlbgalanis.com.


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