Miracle As Boy Survives Being Run Over By Suv


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WHEN she first saw her six-year-old son Thomas gasping for breath, his face bruised and swollen, blood flowing from his mouth, Tina Klonaris-Robinson was sure that for the second time in her life, a child was about to be taken from her.

Moments before, she and her husband had left the toddler happily playing on his bicycle under supervision in the small gated community where they live.

Then a freak accident. The chain on Thomas’ bike suddenly snapped and he lost control, veering into the street and slipping under the tyre of a large, heavy SUV that happened to be passing at just that moment.

The driver could never have seen him, and only knew to hit the brakes when bystanders screamed. By then, the vehicle had rolled onto Thomas’ back, crushing his chest and causing grievous internal trauma.

The onlookers, Sam and Nevien Kellini, rushed to the boy – only to find that he had stopped breathing and had no pulse.

But against all odds the couple, who don’t live in the community but decided on a whim to go for a stroll there, turned out to be doctors and were able to resuscitate Thomas twice before his parents sped up.

“I got the call and could hardly understand,” Tina said. “I heard a hysterical voice screaming, crying telling me ‘Thomas . . . under the car’. We were a minute away and flew around the corner.

“My poor baby, blood coming out of his nose and mouth and his face purple, I thought the car had run over his face.

“His chest was cut up and he kept saying ‘I cannot breathe, my chest hurts’.

“God only knows how terrified I was, holding it together, telling my baby that angels were with him. It was all I knew how to say. ‘You are going to be okay,’ I said. He kept saying, ‘I’m not, I’m not mom . . . My chest hurts, I can’t see.”

“It was terrifying. I did not know if my baby boy was going to make it but if he wasn’t, he had to know that he was surrounded by love.”

At the hospital, the parents waited for what seemed like forever for news. When it came, it wasn’t good.

Thomas’ lung had collapsed, his diaphragm was ruptured, his spleen had suffered a two-inch tear and his stomach had been pushed up into his chest by the weight of the heavy SUV.

Three hours of agony followed, as surgeons operated and Tina and her husband Curtis waited frantically for an update.

Then, for the second time that night, fortune smiled on the family.

The doctors emerged to tell them that everything had gone extremely well. So well in fact, that they could already express confidence in a full recovery.

“No one knows how he even survived,” Tina said. “Everyone says it is a miracle.

“Even the doctors smile and shake their head – they know he shouldn’t have been here.”

Following the surgery, the doctors thought Thomas would have to spend at least a full week in hospital, but he healed so quickly that on Tuesday, four days after the incident, he was again at home with his relieved and grateful parents.

Curtis and Tina are all the more relieved and grateful, as they truly understand the anguish they were spared that night.

“When I saw him after the accident, my life once again stopped,” Tina said. “I said to myself, I can’t believe I’m losing another child.”

Several years ago, her daughter Meah died during a traumatic labour ordeal that threatened Tina’s life as well.

“For months after my daughter’s death, and my own near death, I despaired. I grieved. And I was angry. Angry at the doctor because I felt she had caused the death of my daughter,” she said.

In time, Tina managed to find healing by helping others who had suffered severe trauma.

She founded The Meah Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness of people’s experiences, particularly of how people suffer and overcome, transforming their pain into healing and wisdom, and ultimately into hope.

“When we listen to the stories of others, we find strength, courage and hope. We are inspired and we are reminded of the power of faith,” she said. “We learn to find forgiveness and to live life with new meaning and purpose.”

For Tina, this kind of healing is a spiritual journey. And today, when she describes her son’s escape from death as a miracle, she is not speaking figuratively.

“The only reason the doctors were there was because their daughter takes piano lessons at a house there,” she said.

“They usually just drop her off and leave, but that day, the pleasant weather convinced them to take a stroll in the neighbourhood.

“They saved his life. He shouldn’t have survived it but he did. Angels – they were angels and I know God and a host of angels led them to walk that day so that they were there to help.”

Tina added that around the same time as the Kellinis were coming to her son’s rescue, some relatives were attending a church service honouring two saints who spent their lives giving the gift of healing to the masses.

She later found out that the saints had an important meaning for her family, an aunt telling Tina they saved her life many years ago.

“For me, this really is a miracle. I told Thomas angels were with him and it turned out to be true,” she said. “And I know his sister was watching over him as well.”

Tina thanked the many friends and relatives who have been at their side over the past week and asked them all to pray for Thomas.

“Pray also for my other sons who were traumatised by this,” she added. “Matthew especially, he thought his brother had died and having already lost his sister, I cannot imagine the thoughts that went through his head.”

She also asked that prayers be dedicated to the driver of the SUV, who could have done nothing to avoid the accident, and has been supporting them throughout the ordeal.


Baraccuda 5 years, 11 months ago

Not to fault Ms Klonaris-Robinson but... how old is this boy? What kind of "supervision" was he under while riding around on his bike? If he was under "supervision" where was that person when the accident happened? Why is there only a mention of the passers-by reacting and not the supervisor?

One would think that after the tragic loss of her other child Ms Klonaris-Robinson would be extra careful with her son.


robinson 5 years, 9 months ago

Hello… I am Tina, Thomas' mother. I just wanted to be clear that Thomas was riding his bike supervised by the woman who is like a second mother to him and all of my children. For your information, she was traumatized and still is. (Can you for a moment try to imagine what that could feel like?) She was right there and she loves my children like her own. I do not leave my children unattended. I do not blame anyone in this…it was an accident!!! And thankfully, the 'supervisor' knew best to let the passers-by who were miraculously doctors do what they knew how to do. Please with all due respect, there is no need for you to make statements against me as though I am a negligent mother. I say this because you have no idea what a mother goes through who looses a child and so your statement is that much more hurtful. The pain, the trauma, the suffering… morning, day and night, the agony… 7 years later… and I still feel the ache and pain everyday of loosing my daughter Meah… Do you know what it is to hold your dead child in your arms…I remember it every day… through out my day!!! The tone of your final sentence perhaps aimed at suggesting that it was my fault…that somehow a mother who has already lost one child should be more careful as though I should have learned my lesson the first time. I say this with kindness, please think before you make such statements… they are hurtful and I am not sure why the need to find blame when the story has so much more that is precious and miraculous to put focus on. Can you imagine what kind of children I'd have if I never went to work, never went out… never left the house… lived my life with fear and put my fear of loss on everything they did? Don't ride a bike… don't play...don't do this… don't do that..… seriously???? Perhaps your intentions were to you harmless… you simply felt the anger that this child had to go through this and so you look to blame someone. I understand… but don't you think as a mother I wished everything was different? I say with aching heart… I have learned that life happens… no matter how hard you try to ensure nothing ever happens to your children… you cannot prevent everything and you walk with faith and pray every day for the safety of your children… but our lives are not in our hands… angels were with my child, this I know. Please do not make statements that come from a place of judgement if you do not know me, my family or if you were not actually there to see what the 'supervisor' had to cope with… I am glad she was there to hold my other two children who thought their brother had died. I am glad she got on the phone to call me as fast as she did so that I could be there literally minutes after it all happened. The article focused on the miracle of this… do we always have to search for the negatives or do we always need to place blame?Why not praise God and find the beauty... the blessing… and rejoice instead. God is good and I am thankful beyond measure!!!


bismark 5 years, 11 months ago

accidents do happen,no matter what,just happy the little guy didn't get any serious injury,but like you said,be careful with your kids,never leave them unsupervised,after all he is only a kid.


WHISPERS 5 years, 9 months ago

Baraccuda, your tendency to dig up the sorrowful past of Mrs. Robinson shows your inability not to care. Your comment is over bearing and out of context. Shit happens for goodness sake! Thank God there were angels there to help. Thank God the young boy survived. These are the words of a concern persons. You took it upon yourself to point out what is wrong instead of seeing what has been the miraculous outcome of this incident. I doubt you're a consoler, probably attention seeker. Plainly speaking I did not like your comment at all!!!!!


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