Defence Force: Photos Show Detention Centre


Tribune Staff Reporter


PHOTOS supposedly taken inside the Carmichael Road Detention Centre by Cuban detainees are attracting a great deal of attention on social media.

One particular photo, taken by a detainee showing a guard posing inside the centre’s control room, has raised questions about professionalism and internal security. A bank of CCTV cameras is in the background.

Defence Force officials yesterday confirmed that some of the photos showed the detention centre, but said they dated back before the most recent round of renovations and improvements.

Saying that the man in the control room photo is not a Defence Force marine, a senior RBDF officer urged the public not to believe every allegation levelled against the force by former Cuban detainees.

The pictures were posted on the Facebook page of a Cuban woman who was held at the centre at the height of the continuing claims of beatings and abuse by guards. It is unclear how long she was a detainee, but it was confirmed that she has since been repatriated to Cuba.

The senior officer, who did not wish to be named, said: “That is not any of our guards. Some of the photos are of the Detention Centre but they could have been taken from the outside. The man in the picture is not one of our guards.

“The other pictures of the dorm were before the dorm was upgraded, so there is really no telling when these pictures were taken, they may have been recently posted but no one can say when they were actually taken.

“You cannot believe everything these people say or do. They will do anything not to have to return to Cuba. I wish the Bahamian public would see this.”

Calls to the Department of Immigration were not returned up to press time last night.


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