Realtor sees private island sales uptick


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A leading Bahamian realtor has seen a strong pick-up in private island sales this year, revealing that a $29 million deal for a private cay in the Exumas is set to close imminently.

John Christie, vice-president of H. G. Christie Real Estate, told Tribune Business: “It’s definitely better. I would say it’s steadily improving but it’s still not amazing, although we have had quite a good year.”

He added: “There have been some very large sales on private islands and things like that, but generally the market is steadily improving. As the US moves more and more out of its recession people will get more confident in buying.”

Mr Christie said he had seen a strong uptick in the private island sales segment this year, noting that the category had been relatively quite for some time.

“I think the private island market, which was quiet for a few years, has strongly picked up this year. There has been a lot more interest. People are confident and they are buying,” said Mr Christie.

“Children’s Bay Cay is right about to close, and that’s listed at $29 million.

“There are others a bit higher than that in the $30 million range, so there have been some good sales.

“It’s high-end, and buyers are coming from traditional sources Europe and the United States. Albany has been selling very well. That’s really taken off.”


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