Lady Pindling Would Not Be A Good Choice

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I recently read a speech by Edmund Moxey’s daughter in The Tribune about how much he suffered at the hands of Sir Lynden Pindling. Marva Moxey recalled an announcement made from a public platform that, “Edmund Moxey will never work another day in this country.”

In addition to Mr Moxey, many Bahamians, both well-known and less well- known, were cruelly victimised by Sir Lynden. Some who supported the opposition had to watch non-Bahamian spouses and parents deported from the Bahamas. Many were denied promotion in the civil service.

During the Pindling era, one prominent police officer who refused to become complicit in the drug trade had to wait years before he could get his pension. He was punished for being honest.

One of the problems with political victimisation is that it tends to create bitterness that can last for generations, including children and grandchildren remembering what their parents suffered.

Lady Marguerite Pindling is widely regarded as a major proponent of the PLP’s doctrine of exceptionalism and entitlement. Many who did not support her husband and the PLP felt her wrath. Even some inside the party were punished for not being sufficiently compliant.

She got up on a public platform and asked what was going to be done about Leonard Archer who had dared to participate in a demonstration by Bahamian teachers. The next day he was fired in what was said to be “in the public interest”.

With Sir Arthur Foulkes said to be retiring soon as Governor General there is talk of Lady Pindling filling that post.

The Governor General is a source of unity. There is no way that Lady Pindling can be a source of unity. She is a person of extreme partisanship. She would divide the country. Many remember her as being especially hard on some who in good conscience opposed the dubious activities and bad policies of her husband and his government.

As recently as the last election, Lady Pindling behaved in a most partisan manner. Someone with better judgment would have sat out the election. Instead, she seemed to be campaigning for the job. She has been campaigning and lobbying still. This is most unbecoming for someone who would serve as the Queen’s representative.

There is still healing that needs to take place in terms of the victimisation of the Pindling era. Having Lady Pindling at Government House would reopen old wounds and further divide the country.

The post of Governor General has always been above politics and Bahamians have respected past Governors General whatever their former political affiliation. The appointment of Lady Pindling would change all of that. The country would become even more divided.

For the sake of national unity many people humbly urge and beg the Prime Minister and his Government not to recommend Lady Pindling for a post meant to be above politics, as she has demonstrated repeatedly and as recently as 2012, that she may be incapable of doing so. Certainly the Leader of the Opposition should not support such a recommendation.



April 16, 2014.


Alltoomuch 5 years, 11 months ago

We shall see if anyone is listening!


EasternGate 5 years, 11 months ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I also know that the writer was being kind by not mentioning that Lady Pindling simply lacks the gravitas to do justice to this high office


sansoucireader 5 years, 11 months ago

If anyone is waiting for the PM and his government NOT to recommend Lady P for governor-general they have a long wait. The PM seems to be a person who doesn't like to upset his friends (forget us in the general population!) and will do what he thinks is right to keep them happy. That's why members of the PLP voted for him as their 'leader'! He won't think /remember that the 'post is meant to be above politics'; HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!


killemwitdakno 5 years, 9 months ago

This is what they would have wanted all along since Pindling is back from the dead ( his drugs included ). She's a bloody idiot. My Christ. Embarrassment to the hundreth degree. Still cringing from her statement to invoke racial guilt on the stupid second independence majority rule day which would make Bahamas Haitian in ten years. And who could forget the "you killed Pindling" with the Miley Sirus finger. Go let ya mafia friends cover your pension. Who killed Kennedy?


birdiestrachan 5 years, 9 months ago

Does the writer of this article know The chief Justice of the Bahamas, had recently put down his red shirt and cap. when he was made Chief Justice of the Bahamas. He wanted a seat in the house. He lost. Then Papa Ingraham made him Chief Justice.


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